Border Patrol Arrest Illegal Immigrant

Mónica Jeannette Oviedo finds herself in serious problems with authorities for human smuggling.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

LAREDO, Tx.- A resident of Grapevine, Texas was detained by migratory agents for her intent of smuggling her mother in law in a truck. Mónica Jeannette Oviedo finds herself in serious problems with federal officials.

According to reports, Oviedo arrived to a booth installed on mile 29 and interestate 35, in north Laredo.

She drove a van and as officials asked her questions about her trip, a trained canine began to bark towards the back of the vehicle.

Federal officials sent the unit to secondary and were able to locate a hidden woman underneath some covers and clothing. She was identified as Mar*a Concepción Quintero Carmona.

The woman admitted that she did not have any migratory documents that allowed her in the United States and so she was arrested along with the driver.

The illegal immigrant said that when she arrived to the border she contracted a "coyote", that charged her 200 dollars to cross her through the river.

Then she contacted her daughter in law so that she could pick her up and try to take her to San Antonio, Texas.