HB 13 by Rep. David Swinford would SECURE Texas' border. And it would deny funds to communities that opt to be "sanctuary cities" where illegal aliens are protected from the law. If a city does not fully enforce state and federal laws, then they forfeit Homeland Security funds according to HB 13.

That is the one aspect of Gov. Perry's attached interview that most Texans agree with. Most do NOT agree with his SUPPORT for guest worker and biometric IDs or his OPPOSITION to building the border fence that has already been decided by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Bush before last November's election. http://www.qubetv.tv/videos/detail/118

Rep. Swinford told House members last night that HB 13 was bigger than politics and needed to pass. The bi-partisan bill was torpedoed by radical Democrats on a point of order. Swinford visited the border and told members that he was astonished by the warfare, the crime and the human trafficking. He tearfully added, "I'm not crying about this bill. We cannot continue as a state to allow drug lords to continue to dominate this state.... Friends and neighbors, this is serious stuff, I'm telling you the heart of Texas is being ripped out over penny ante stuff."

PLEASE ask your Representative to VOTE YES on HB 13 when it returns to the House floor next Monday, May 7 or Tuesday, May 8.

(From Texas Eagle Forum
Cathie Adams, President)