Posted: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 10:07 pm
Jacqueline Armendariz
The Monitor

U.S. Border Patrol said an agent fired his gun after his partner was hit by a car driven by a suspect near the Rio Grande on Wednesday night.

Border Patrol spokesman Henry Mendiola said the agent hit by the car sustained minor injuries to his leg, but it is unclear whether the suspect involved was hurt.

The shooting occurred after 5 p.m., south of the town of Abram, when agents from the McAllen Border Patrol station patrolling on foot saw a suspicious car leaving the Rio Grande. Once the driver saw the agents he struck one of them with the car, Mendiola said after reading reports about the incident.

“At that point, the agent’s partner was able to discharge his weapon in defense of his partner,” Mendiola said. “It is uncertain if the individual was struck with the gunfire.”

Mexican authorities have been notified the suspect was able to jump out of the vehicle and cross into the country, he said.

“There was no contraband or anyone else in the vehicle,” Mendiola said. “It did appear as though the vehicle was going to be used for smuggling contraband.”

The agent who was hit was taken to a local hospital, treated and released later Wednesday night.

Mendiola said internal affairs will follow up with an investigation, examining photos and asking questions.

“Unfortunately, these are the types of things that we encounter when we’re doing our jobs,” he said. “It’s fortunate these agents were able to defend themselves without major injuries. These are the types of things that we train for and we’re equipped for.”

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