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    TX. Farmworkers in San Elizario find a home: Apartments offer affordable housing

    Farmworkers in San Elizario find a home: Apartments offer affordable housing

    By Diana Washington Valdez \ El Paso Times
    Posted: 03/10/2013 12:00:00 AM MST

    New rental apartments for farmworkers in San Elizario are making it possible for Marisela Delgado, who has three children, to work and attend school without having to worry about where she and her family will live.

    Because of HERO (Housing & Economic Opportunity), Tierra Del Sol Housing Development and investors, a new rental complex is operating in San Elizario, and another one is planned for Hatch, N.M., where the lack of affordable housing has been a chronic problem for migrant workers who must move around because of their work.

    Delgado said she lucked out when she found out about the new complex. She lives in the Presidio Dolores Apartments in the Pueblo de la Rosa subdivision in San Elizario, where she says she can finally afford the monthly payments.

    At the apartment complex, she also attends evening classes, which are courses toward a GED diploma.

    "I heard about these apartments from a friend, and I was able to move in last year, which has been a great help to me and my family," said Delgado, 44. "I'm getting ready to work in the onion harvests in Fabens and Tornillo, and having a home base that is safe and comfortable makes a big difference."

    After she earns her GED diploma, Delgado said, she plans to apply for grants or scholarships to learn new career skills.

    According to the Border Farm Workers Center in South El Paso, which provides temporary shelter for migrant workers but not their families, the El Paso-Southern

    New Mexico region provides work for about 12,000 laborers, many of whom average yearly wages of $6,000.

    The 36 units in San Elizario consist of eight two-bedroom units of 1,140 square feet, 18 three-bedroom units of 1,318 square feet and 10 four-bedroom units of 1,406 square feet.

    Salvador Estrada, executive associate director of Tierra Del Sol, said HERO and Tierra Del Sol Housing Corp. have collaborated on other affordable housing projects across Southern New Mexico and El Paso.

    Estrada said the monthly rents range from $525 plus a $62 utility allowance up to $914 with an $84 utility allowance. The apartments have air-conditioning, washer-dryer connections, ceramic tile floors and window blinds. The complex includes an on-site management office run by property manager J.L. Gray, and a playground for children.

    Funding for the $3.8 million apartment complex came from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development (a $2.7 million, 30-year loan), and other financing from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and the Housing Assistance Council.

    "All units have a project-based rental assistance, so tenants pay 30 percent of their monthly income and utilities," according to Tierra Del Sol.

    Tierra Del Sol has partnered with others over the years to develop single-family homes, help young families achieve homeownership, and assist in the rehabilitation of a historic home in Las Cruces.

    Rose Garcia, Tierra Del Sol's executive director, said the nonprofit corporation embarked on the San Elizario and Hatch projects "because there is a great need for housing for farmworkers in the area."

    Without proper housing, some farmworkers live in makeshift homes and in cars and trucks during the harvest seasons.

    For the farmworker housing planned for Hatch, where the chile harvests play an important economic role in Southern New Mexico, Tierra Del Sol will seek state and federal funding for the project.

    President Barack Obama recently recognized Garcia for her work of more than 40 years in helping low-income families move into decent housing. Last year, she was given a Champion of Change award at the White House.

    Diana Washington Valdez may be reached at; 546-6140.

    •What: The Presidio Dolores Apartments for eligible farmworkers.
    •Where: 12473 Cuatro Aces, off Socorro Road in San Elizario.
    •Information: 851-0006. For other Tierra Del Sol-HERO related housing programs, visit Welcome To Tierra Del Sol Housing Corporation's Website - Home - Tierra Del Sol Housing Corporation

    Farmworkers in San Elizario find a home: Apartments offer affordable housing - El Paso Times

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    I don't fell sorry for any of you have you look at the new I dont think so I have seen many American liveing
    under the bridge In NYC & other state & towns I have watch this on the new . the gov or obama don't help
    them . Obama just want you all for the vote . you are the fool In my book . they all have family also just like you do .

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