November 13, 2012
Reported by: Jozannah Quintanilla

(News 4 WOAI)

SAN ANTONIO -- News 4 WOAI went on a ride with Immigration and Customs Enforcement as they went after criminal aliens who officers say are a threat to the community.

"We are going after five targets. All have been convicted of crimes,” ICE Field Office Director Henry Lucero told us.

The ICE Fugitive Operations Team, who had done surveillance, made its move in the early morning hours Tuesday and arrested four out of the five criminal aliens they targeted. ICE officers are on the streets every day going after those who commit crimes ranging from homicide, assault to sex and drug offenses.

“So, the four we arrested this morning were brought here at the staging facility, waiting to be processed, and then will be transported to a long term facility,” explained Lucero.

Those arrested will go before an immigration judge and could face deportation. Last year, the Fugitive Operations Teams across the country made more than 37,000 arrests.

ICE targets criminal aliens | WOAI: San Antonio News