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    TX. More Than 100 Illegal Aliens Found in Stash Houses

    More Than 100 Illegal Immigrants Found in Stash Houses

    Posted: May 2, 2012 12:15 PM
    Updated: May 2, 2012 12:24 PM

    EDINBURG - Border Patrol and Edinburg police made a major stash house bust this morning. More than 100 illegal immigrants were found. We're told many are from Central America. Some may be from as far as South America.

    The bust happened on a dirt road east of Raul Longoria. It extends to University Drive. There are at least five homes sitting side by side. The brush and trees easily hid the homes.

    A helicopter was at the scene, searching for any illegal immigrants who may have run into the brush. There's no word yet on how officers found the homes.

    Authorities are now working to get more transport vehicles to relocate the people taken into custody.

    More Than 100 Illegal Immigrants Found in Stash Houses | | CHANNEL 5 NEWS | Breaking News Breaking Stories

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    Imagine the stench in this house!
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    Now what do you do about this?
    do you ship them all back home or . roll Out the red carpet ?
    No amnesty or dream Act

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    More than 100 illegal immigrants were rescued Wednesday morning, May 2, 2012, from a stash house in the 2800 block of East University Drive in Edinburg. A call from one of the trapped immigrants brought police to the house to find it locked from the outside.

    EDINBURG — The call came from inside the stash house, where more than 100 illegal immigrants claimed they were locked inside and hadn’t had food or water for days.

    Edinburg police responded about 10 a.m. Wednesday to the stash house in the 2800 block of East University Drive.

    Police found a series of rental homes at the end of a dirt road secluded from the highway. Officers said burglar bars sealed the house's windows and the doors were locked with chains and padlocks from the outside.

    “It was crazy,” said Lt. Oscar Treviño, Edinburg police spokesman.

    Officers freed the immigrants from the house. Some tried to flee into a nearby residential neighborhood and brush. Those who remained said they had not eaten or had anything to drink for at least three days.

    Border Patrol and a Department of Public Safety helicopter helped track down and detain the immigrants, with more than 100 people from Mexico and Central and South America detained, Treviño said.

    Seven immigrants were transported to area hospitals to treat dehydration and malnourishment, Treviño said.

    “They hadn’t eaten or drank water for days,” he said. “There was no water, no light — nothing in there.”

    Border Patrol detained two males — one with keys to an SUV on the property and the other with thousands of dollars in cash in his pocket. Immigration and Customs Enforcement continues to investigate the case.

    Most stash houses are found just outside Edinburg — not within the city limits, said Treviño, who urged neighbors to report similar residences to police.

    “They’re just not reporting a crime,” he said. “You might be saving somebody’s life.”

    Over 100 thirsty immigrants freed from Edinburg stash house | edinburg, immigrants, stash -

    Mission police say it was Monday off Stewart and Frontage that 40 undocumented immigrants bailed out of a suburban..23 were found Monday with 17 still missing.
    Tuesday police got several calls of people walking across the highway near the Motel 6 in Mission.
    Police believe the three they found Tuesday are part of the undocumented group from the suburban.

    "They don't have a guide anymore because we believe he's one we caught yesterday they are coming out today they were apprehended by the officer."

    Police say some the undocumented caught have been from Honduras...El Salvador...and Guatemala. We talked with one of them Enrique who says he's from Mexico.

    He says our purpose is to come over here and work unfortunately he said he had some bad luck.
    Enrique has a wife and children back in Mexico. With lack of food it makes it very difficult for the undocumented like Enrique to get to their destination.

    "One of the men told police that all they had to eat in the past four days is just this little piece bread."

    Also with no water in this extreme temperatures it makes it unbearable for the undocumented.

    "Heat is going to make them come out they are going to ask for help and for us its better because we are saving their lives."

    Police say they are continuing to look for several more people who are missing.
    The three caught today have been transferred over to Border Patrol.

    DONNA — Donna police say inside a small house there were 19 undocumented immigrants.

    Donna police arrived to this home at 417 South 18th street Sunday after getting a 9-1-1 from a teen stating she needed medical attention, and she was being held against her will.
    When police arrived that teen was one of more than a dozen men and woman inside the home.

    "Upon making contact with the homeowner we are able to recover 19 immigrants from Mexico Guatemala, and Honduras."

    Police say the home is owned by a Mexican national who was deported back Mexico awhile ago.
    Police the some of the man's family was taking care of the home.
    Police say the living conditions were very poor inside the home and that all 19 undocumented immigrants were kept in one room.
    This is a man that's lives in the area choosing not to show his face.

    "I have been in that house way back when I was younger it's a pretty small house and with no air condition that's pretty bad."

    Lt. Rick Saurez says this is isn't the first time they have seen stash houses like this before in the city of Donna.

    "The criminal organizations on the other side are getting more involved in human trafficking like everything else if it drugs they need a place to stash their merchandise, right now that merchandise is illegal aliens."

    Border patrol says in the last couple months they have seen more of these stash houses around the Upper Valley.

    "It's after the new year, people spend the holidays wit they family back in their home countries and will try to reunite with over family or friends or look for work."

    Border Patrol says it's not worth staying in stash houses to trying to live in the country illegally.

    "The ground investing for different viruses, its bad conditions so we tell people not to confide in smuggling because the people don't care about the well being of anybody they just care about a dollar."

    As for the Donna stash house all 19 immigrants have been handed over to Border Patrol.
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    But, they are going the other way! That is what the MSM is saying. Or, are they just trying to pull the wool over our eyes before the election?
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