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Thread: TX. Requests for Birth Certificates on the Rise

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    TX. Requests for Birth Certificates on the Rise

    Requests for Birth Certificates on the Rise

    Posted: Mar 17, 2017 4:29 PM PDT Updated: Mar 17, 2017 4:29 PM PDT Reported by Leslie Aguilar, Reporter CONNECT

    MCALLEN – The city of McAllen noted an increase in requests for birth certificates possibly due to changing immigration policies.

    Marta Herbert visited the Mexican consul in McAllen to request Mexican citizenship for her U.S.-born daughter.

    “We can only accept the situation and make the right decisions to avoid living in fear,” she said.

    Before visiting the consul, Herbert said she had to get a copy of her daughter’s U.S. birth certificate.

    McAllen’s Vital Statistics Office is located down the street from the consulate. They said they are seeing more traffic of people trying to get copies of these documents.

    McAllen city manager Roy Rodriguez said the office had 889 requests for birth certificates last October. He said the number has increased ever since.

    The office received more than 1,400 requests for February.

    “That’s over a 500 increase between 889 and 1400,” Rodriguez said.

    Although the increase started after the general election last November, the city manager said he can’t pin it as a reason.

    “Well, we’ve got a couple of theories, but I don’t have any evidence one way or the other,” he said.

    Herbert said she and her family moved back to Mexico. She said they plan on coming back to the U.S. as soon as possible, but with proper documents.

    The Mexican consulate in McAllen said they have been booked with various requests every day. They said many nationals are requesting dual citizenship for their U.S.-born children.

    Online and mail requests for birth certificates are also an alternative way to get a hold of these documents

    The office requires a valid photo ID for certificate requests. There is also a list of acceptable secondary forms of identification. The person would need to provide two items from that list.


    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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    Herbert said she and her family moved back to Mexico. She said they plan on coming back to the U.S. as soon as possible, but with proper documents.
    This will happen with every anchor baby, the parents will leave, come back and be allowed to live here thru the "citizenship" of their children. DAPA was quoted as 5 million but it is probably all 12 million or more illegals that will be able to return thru their anchors. Next will be the UAC central americans' baby booming and they will get to make USA their home and bring the rest of the family too.

    There are a lot of issues that need to be straightened out & clarified NOW! Lot more need to be returned to their country besides dacas. Get them all out of here before the baby explosions from the UAC central americans happens - they are even more inbred/violent than the mexicans. We don't want their entire families here also. This was all planned, not happenstance. gw initiated and reauthorized the Wilberforce Act for a reason, passing the ball to obama.
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    If either the State of Texas or the US Consulate are accepting payment for birth certificates and passports from illegal aliens to obtain birth certificates and passports on behalf of minor children including whoever they pay to take passport photos, are guilty of money laundering upon accepting payment.

    It should be made explicitly clear to all States, US Consulates, US Embassy and all passport photo photographers in the United States that doing business with illegal aliens on financial transactions is prohibited because it is money laundering. They are to call ICE immediately.
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