Skull Discovery Leads to Murder Charge and Arrest

New details emerging about the human remains found in Brazos County and the man who's been arrested for murder.

Posted: 5:35 PM Jun 14, 2011
Reporter: Alex Villarreal

After hours of searching the woods of rural Brazos County Monday, the Sheriff's Office arrested a 27 year old College Station man.

Waldemar Monterroso, who's in the country illegally, is charged with murder.

College Station Police say another 27-year-old, Jose Cua-Caxaj, has been missing since May 28th. According to the arrest report, the remains found near Elmo Weedon Road are believed to be him.

A resident living in the area reported the discovery of what appeared to be a human skull in his front yard.

Brazos County Sheriff's Office investigators, CSPD detectives, and the Texas Rangers searched the area and found the almost fully decomposed body.

They also found a black shirt featuring a Boston's restaurant patch on the front.

Cua-Caxaj reportedly worked at the College Station restaurant.

During the search investigators also found a Red Lobster restaurant name tag believed to belong to Monterroso.

He's one of three men who police say were last seen with the victim. All three work at the Red Lobster in College Station.

The arrest report states Monterroso failed polygraph questions about the disappearance and well-being of Cua-Caxaj.

Investigators say they're following leads regarding the other two men and autopsy results are pending to determine the cause of death.

Cua-Caxaj does have a brother in the area. Officials were unable to confirm if he is a legal U.S. citizen.