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    TX: Teen Leads Border Patrol on Chase

    More news at the video at the source link.

    Teen Leads Border Patrol on Chase
    By Cynthia Cano

    Story Created: Nov 23, 2008
    Story Updated: Nov 23, 2008

    A Laredo teenager leads police and border patrol agents on a high speed chase—and now, he’s being accused of smuggling undocumented immigrants as well. Our Jackie Gil has more on the details of the chase.
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    This kind of crap has no place on THIS SIDE of the border!

    AND...this news agency, "Pro8 News" (What's the 'PRO" for? Pro illegal immigration I'd assume from the blatant slant of this story). should be reprimanded for their misuse of LEGAL terminology through out this report. These people were NOT "undocumented immigrants." They were illegal aliens and that teen didn't "pick up "immigrants" for transport into the USA, he picked up CRIMINALS disobeying U.S. immigration laws and entering the country in an undesignated area for LEGAL IMMIGRATION!!! Why can't these brain dead, politically correct news casters and editors get this crap straight!!!
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