CARRIZO SPRINGS, Texas - A vehicle transporting at least three undocumented immigrants crashed after being clocked at 110 mph early Sunday evening.

The Dimmit County Sheriff's Department tells us a deputy spotted vehicle going over 100 mph on US 277 near County Road 101. The deputy tried to turn around to stop the vehicle, but couldn't catch up. A second deputy clocked the vehicle traveling 110 mph as it was heading into Carrizo Springs.

When the vehicle got into town, it rear-ended a Dodge pick-up truck. That truck was pushed into an ambulance, causing damage to both vehicles. All involved in the accident appeared to have just minor injuries.

The driver and passenger in the suspect vehicle are US citizens, but they had the undocumented immigrants in the back. The sheriff believes that is why they were running from deputies.

The driver and passenger along with two undocumented immigrants in the suspect vehicle were air lifted to a hospital in San Antonio. Another undocumented immigrant was airlifted to Laredo.