U.S. Govt. Fails To Deport Criminal Illegal Aliens
March 20, 2007

Criminal illegal aliens are often not deported or monitored when released within the United States because the Homeland Security agency responsible for doing it is understaffed and has poor record keeping.

The widespread negligence has created a substantial national security threat and the responsible agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), attributes the problem to a shortage of agents and an outdated database.

The damaging information was exposed during an in-depth investigation conducted by the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General. In a recently released report the inspector general blasts ICE’s alien removal system, saying that cases are not prioritized to ensure that aliens who are dangerous or whose departure is in the national interest are removed. Those who are released in the U.S. are not adequately supervised, according to the report.

The in-depth audit was conducted to see if ICE was abiding by a 2001 Supreme Court ruling that says aliens with final deportation orders cannot be detained longer than six months. ICE complied in most cases, but failed in enough to cause alarm.

Surely, most Americans don’t know that their government often releases criminal illegal immigrants into their communities without further monitoring. Many of the aliens have been deemed “dangerous” by authorities.

Immigration officials say that many factors prevent them from promptly removing deported aliens. Among them is lack of cooperation from the detained alien and failure of a foreign government to issue travel documents that make deportation possible.

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