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    US deports biggest group of Dominican ex-cons today

    3 November 2015, 3:32 PM

    US deports biggest group of Dominican ex-cons today

    Deported, at Las Americas.

    Santo Domingo.- US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Tuesday announced it will deport via Las Americas Airport 119 Dominican ex-convicts, the biggest group the US government repatriates year.

    A source at Las Americas quoted by said the Dominicans will arrive in the afternoon on a charter flight, escorted by seven federal agents.

    Immigration Agency officials will receive the group at the airport terminal, accompanied by deputy prosecutors, National Police officers, intelligence and Airport Security agents, who are expected to cordon off the airport´s north ramp and escort the returnees one by one toward two buses to the Immigration detention center at Haina township.

    The 119 locals served time for drug trafficking, grand larceny, forgery, fraud, rape, kidnapping and other felonies.


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    At least half of them will be back. Given that a criminal record is a stigma that probably holds true wherever you go. Probably why we get so many returnees when we deport them; they won't fit into their home society either, so going back to the US is probably the only way they figure they will live.
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