Notice how they say this is an 'anti-immigration group' and not an anti-illegal immigration group.


US Offers 'Welcome Mat' to Drug-traffickers, Smugglers, Illegals
Last Modified: Thursday, Jun 05/2008 13:37 Written by Minutemen
From the anti-immigration group, the Minuteman:

By Chris Simcox President and Founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense corps

With the news of the National Guard guardsmen being pulled from their border protection role in Operation Jumpstart , President Bush and Congress have sent a resoundingly defeatist acknowledgement to the people of the United States and to the rest of the world, "We will not secure our borders."

I wonder what the 2008 contenders to the White House have to say about the National Guard retreating from our borders? Has anyone thought about asking McCain and Obama why if we are defending America by protecting the borders of other countries we aren't bothering to do the same thing here at home? Wouldn't securing our borders send a clear message to our enemies abroad -- Don't tread on us?

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano also more egregiously abrogates her duty to protect the citizens of Arizona by blaming the feds and refusing to deploy the Arizona National Guard or to organize an Arizona State Militia to support Border Patrol. While she blames and appeases Mexican government officials, lives are being lost every day along Arizona's borders and on the streets of our cities and towns. Perhaps she feels the victims are just a small price to pay in propping up a struggling economy and providing economic opportunities for those who exhibit blatant contempt for the rule of law in the United States.

In place of the National Guard deployments, a new operation has been announced: "Operation Open Season" has been officially declared on the American people and our citizenship. The removal of the National Guard is a clear indication that President Bush and our Congress have accepted defeat in our effort to secure our borders and ensure the integrity and trust in our public security resources.

We have now advertised that our government has decided it will not defend our borders. This signals to the world's terrorists and criminals that our national leaders have ceded our border with Mexico and have openly invited them to probe away at our most vulnerable, weakest link in our National Security. We have announced to the world that illegal aliens, terrorists and criminals have a pretty good chance to sneak into our country and wreck havoc on the American people, our laws and our culture. At a time when the rise of violence along our southern border has escalated to near warlike clashes among drug and human trafficking cartels and the occasional contingent of Mexican federal police and military, with lethal violence that imperils the safety and security of communities on both sides of the border, the U.S. government officially gives up. We announce to the ruthless and determined drug cartels and human traffickers that this administration and our Congress cede control to the border gang bosses and terrorists, and give into the paralyzing pressures of political correctness.

While the Islamic radicals in Iran and Syria and throughout the Middle East, Al Qaeda terrorists, and terrorist agents of the Hezbollah all call for the destruction of Israel and the United States, we cede defeat on our borders and show the world we are not serious about preventing the deaths of U.S. citizens, or of the exploited and oppressed migrants preyed upon by the traffickers. Instead it seems our message to legal and illegal immigrants and American citizens is that we are all expendable casualties in the apparently phony Washington “warsâ€