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    US Senator John Cornyn on Immigration

    US Senator John Cornyn on Immigration
    July 21 2007

    Immigration and other issues plaguing the state brought Texas U-S senator John Cornyn to Amarillo today.

    Marissa, senator cornyn spoke candidly about the issue of immigration and the three steps he says the government must take to protect our border.

    Cornyn says a major downfall in the system is lack of man power.

    "I think we need to at least double the size of the border patrol. We have only about 10 or 12 thousand border patrol agents on a 2 thousand mile souther border now. There are more than 40 thousand police officers in new York city by comparison," says Cornyn.

    He also spoke of the need for more technological advances and benefiting from what scientific inventions are available.

    "Things like night vision technology, ground based radar, unmanned airael vehicles in the light, to give our border patrol the force multiply that allows them to do their job," says Cornyn.

    While he spoke about supporting border barriers in areas of high drug traffic. Cornyn says building a fence is simply not an option.

    "I dont think we should pat ourselves on the back and suggest that we should build a fence and then pat our selves on the back and say good job we fixed it because we know people can go over, people can go around, people can go under," says Cornyn.

    Senator Cornyn says he feels the issue needs to be solved to ensure US citizens that a change is coming.

    "I think what's happened is people just don't trust the federal government, because it has promised a lot and has not delivered enough when it comes to border security and when it comes to enforcement," says Cornyn.

    Cornyn acknowledged getting everyone on the same plan will be difficult, but he has faith there will be a resolution.
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    These Senators aren't hearing enough about the huge cost of tax payers dollars to illegals.....I still want one of them to tell me why they expect American citizens to pay for the world's people!!!

    When you send your letters, please mention the huge cost to us and ask why they think we should pay it.
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    We need to keep an eye on Cornyn. NumbersUSA had this on their website:

    Beyond the nightmare that is the DREAM Act, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), who bravely spoke out against the Senate's so-called "grand compromise," proposed two amendments that would have undermined U.S. workers and, instead, fed Big Business' insatiable hunger for cheap, foreign labor. SA 2143 would have allowed the "recapturing" of "unused" employment-based (EB) visas from fiscal years 1996 and 1997 (even though visas not allocated in a certain category in any given year are made available for other categories, so there really is no such thing as an "unused" visa). In addition, the amendment would have raised the H-1B visa cap from 65,000 per year to 115,000 per year, more than double the number of EB immigrants admissible per year (from 140,000 to 290,000), and would have created exemptions from the EB visa cap for: (1) U.S.-educated scientists and engineers; (2) H-1Bs who have been working in science, technology, engineering, or math in the United States for three years preceding their application for an EB immigrant visa; (3) aliens with "extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics"; (4) "outstanding professors and researchers"; and (5) aliens granted "national interest waivers."

    A second Cornyn amendment (SA 2141) would have established a new nonimmigrant worker, or "guestworker," program – the H-1A – for "international commuters" (i.e., aliens who live outside the United States, but who commute to and from work in the United States for up to 10 months in any calendar year). Up to 90,000 H-1A visas could have been issued each year, with those visas being valid for three years.

    Another Cornyn amendment, SA 2140, would have established parity between Mexican nationals who possess a valid biometric Border Crossing Card (BCC [also known as a "laser visa"]) who have completed the necessary security checks (a rarity in today's lax enforcement environment) who visit the United States and Canadian "visitors" by allowing BCC bearers to remain in the United States for up to six months. Currently, Mexican nationals with BCCs may only stay in the United States for up to 30 days, while Canadians possessing "tourist" visas may stay up to one year. In addition, SA 2140 would have retained DHS' authority to set the length of time those with BCCs may remain in the United States and, also, would have authorized that agency to modify the length of admission on a case-by-case basis if good cause exists. Finally, the amendment would have made a Mexican national inadmissible for the BCC admission period if: (1) he is inadmissible as a nonimmigrant; (2) he has previously violated his nonimmigrant status; or (3) the BCC was not processed through a machine reader at the U.S. port of entry.
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    I called Cornyn's office this week about the Dream Act and they do not have an official position but I was told he would most likely not support it. I suggest that anyone opposed to it or any other legislation should call their Congressmen and complain.

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    Did he mention stepped up prosecution of employers?

    I didn't see that, but didn't click the link.

    I do agree that a fence, alone, won't do it. All the fences, night vision goggles, etc., etc., won't do it until we take away the incentives of jobs and freebies.

    Once again, I'm thinking this might be the Good Cop, Bad Cop routine.

    Mr. Chertoff says one thing, Mr. Cronyn says another - and nothing gets done.

    This has been talked to death. These people have had 30 years to jaw about this (between each other, of course) so get on with something.

    Personally, I think the target is the employers. Unless and until they get punished and in a meaninful way, the illegals will keep coming and the ones here will remain.
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    nntrixie wrote:

    I do agree that a fence, alone, won't do it. All the fences, night vision goggles, etc., etc., won't do it until we take away the incentives of jobs and freebies.
    IMHO, you have things a little backwards. Securing our border should be a top priority. The sooner our border is secured, the sooner we can get down to real business. Taking away the incentives is not going to send all the illegals packing (some, but not all) - we must have interior enforcement with notable deportations (millions over time, not tens of thousands). For that to work, we have to have operational control over our borders. What good does it do to send people home when they'll just return?

    Taking away all the incentives is a great plan, but unfortunately it's virtually impossible to get every state and city to cooperate. For example, we already have federal laws against sanctuary cities, however, we have sanctuary cities. We have laws against employers hiring illegals, yet we still have employers hiring them. We have laws against in-state tuition for illegals, but some states are ignoring the law. There's more, but I think you get the point. We will never be able to take all the incentives away, because every city and state won't cooperate.

    I agree a fence alone won't do the trick. However, I think a fence is vital in securing our border and we must have a secure border to ensure we keep those out that leave or are deported. Furthermore, I would like to drastically slow down the amount of illegals that are pouring through our borders daily, weekly, monthly, and annually while we're attempting to deal with the issue in our interior.

    Securing our border should be a top priority and I'm disgusted with Secretary Chertoff and the Bush administration for dragging their feet on this extremely important issue! Let's get the 870-miles of double layered fence built and increase the boots on the ground! Duncan Hunter's double layered fence has interlocking cameras, lights, sensors, and a high-speed road between layers. It'll definitely slow down the constant flood of illegals we have pouring into our country. The fence will also act as a funnel and force many, if not most, illegals to go around it, which is where we can concentrate more of our BP agents. Currently, many illegals just sneak in and blend into the border communities. A fence in the populated areas will pretty much stop that practice. A well constructed fence will act as a force multiplier for the border patrol and will greatly increase their ability stop, or at least drastically slow the illegal immigration flood.

    The various groups of pro-illegal immigrant supporters, advocates, and activists have their different reasons for not wanting a border fence.

    President Bush, Secretary Gutierrez (Department of Commerce), and Secretary Chertoff (DHS) don't want the fence because it will impede the source of cheap labor for corporate America.

    Sen. Cornyn (R-TX) and Sen. Hutchinson (R-TX) don't want a fence because they're pandering to the border communities (they fear losing voters), mainly town and city leadership that rely on free-flowing commerce. Furthermore, the ability of relatives, workers, and Mexican children attending American schools to be able to easily travel back and forth is important to these communities. Yes, many of those living in the border communities have relatives and friends living in Mexico. Some may even have illegal business partners (think drugs here).

    The reason folks from La Raza, LULAC, Mecha, and other similar groups don't want a fence is obvious.

    Folks like the Hildabeast and Obama are pandering for votes.

    If the Hunter fence didn't have any potential, these folks wouldn't stonewall it at every opportunity and they certainly wouldn't fear it!

    You're right, a fence isn't the only answer, however, I honestly believe a quality fence is a necessity if we're to prove successful in our battle against illegal immigration. Let's not forget, a fence does not discriminate - it'll also slow the drug trade and reduce the potential for terrorist entering through our border. Securing the border has to be considered the first step of gaining control over our illegal immigration problem. Right now we're operating like a chicken with it's head cut off - we're just running in circles. The illegals are entering faster than we can deport them (many are reentering). Attrition through enforcement will work, but we have to secure our borders now because attrition through enforcement is pretty much worthless while our borders remain wide-open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dixie

    I called Cornyn's office this week about the Dream Act and they do not have an official position but I was told he would most likely not support it.
    His staff is LYING TO YOU! Cornyn was either the originator or co-sponsor of the original dream act! He sucks up to India's corporations like there's no tomorrow!

    John Cornyn and his most valued constituents - NON-immigrant H-1Bs

    John Cornyn no longer represents Texans!
    John Cornyn is the sell-out senator from Karnataka, home of Bangalore
    (where most NON-immigrant H-1Bs come from)

    What part of "We don't owe our jobs to India" are you unable to understand, Senator?

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