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    UT: Anti-immigration activists hoping Gov. Herbert won't sig

    Memo to the pc media, it is not 'Anti-immigration' it is "Anti-illegal immigration.


    Anti-immigration activists hoping Gov. Herbert won't sign immigration bills

    Billy Hesterman

    March 9, 2011

    SALT LAKE CITY -- Did Gov. Gary Herbert intend to sign an immigration bills on Wednesday?

    Talk of a press conference with Herbert Wednesday afternoon was swirling around the Capitol Wednesday morning, but no announcement was made and no plans were ever set. Tea party members at the Capitol have said that the governor told them in meetings on Tuesday that he intended to sign the bills in the next 24 hours. The governor's office has a different story.

    "The governor has not announced privately or publicly when he will sign any of the immigration bills," said Ally Isom, spokeswoman for Herbert. "To my knowledge, the bills have yet to arrive in our office."

    The Legislature passed three immigration bills on Friday night — House Bill 116, the comprehensive immigration bill that contained Rep. Bill Wright's guest worker program for illegal immigrants and includes in-state tuition for certain children of illegal immigrants; House Bill 497, Rep. Stephen Sandstom's law enforcement bill that cracks down on illegal immigrants who are charged with felonies and misdemeanors; and House Bill 466, the migrant worker program crafted by Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and sponsored by Sandstrom and Sen. Curt Bramble, R-Provo. Tea party activists and Republican state delegates stormed the Capitol on Tuesday to let the governor know that if he signs the bills that his term as the governor may not go past the 2012 elections. Herbert sat down with those groups to hear their concerns in two meetings, the first in his office, the second in the Capitol board room. It was in the first meeting that tea party members claim Herbert said it was his intention to sign the bills in the next 24 hours.

    David Kyle, head of the Utah County 9/12 group, was in the second meeting and explained the governor didn't say he would sign the bills in that meeting, but said he did hear that a press conference was scheduled for Wednesday where the governor was going to sign an immigration bill. Kyle says that the governor not signing the bill yet is a good sign for Utah.

    "It is a wonderful step in the right direction, because it needs more time. It shouldn't be rushed," said Kyle. "If you do the wrong something, it is going to be worse than what we already have."

    House Speaker Becky Lockhart, R-Provo, said she hadn't heard about the press conference but did say the immigration bills would be available to the governor when he is ready for them.

    "We've passed the bills. They're available to the governor, I'm not sure we've delivered them yet, but they'll be available to the governor for his signature when he is ready for them," said Lockhart.

    When asked if the governor should sign the bills despite all the controversy they have brought Lockhart stated: "I hope he does. That is the position of the Legislature, we've passed those bills."
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    deport all illegal aliens

    The Governor must not sign the bill because we Americans do not want illegal aliens in our country. They do not obey our laws; therefore, they must be deported. We do not want to grant illegals amnesty because they break our laws. They must be deported now.

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    Anti-immigration activists hoping Gov. Herbert won't sign immigration bills

    Should read.......Anti-ILLEGAL immigration activists hoping Gov. Herbert won't sign immigration bills
    You cannot dedicate yourself to America unless you become in every
    respect and with every purpose of your will thoroughly Americans. You
    cannot become thoroughly Americans if you think of yourselves in groups. President Woodrow Wilson

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    He will sign it because that is the kind of weasel he is. The good news is that 90 delegates to the next Republican convention next year told him he is out on his butt if he does. So Gary, by all means, MAKE OUR DAY. Sign it. You can then join your fellow RINOS, Cannon and Bennett, selling tacos on Main Street.

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    If people wants to risk their jobs for illegal immigrants, take the best shot!!! We all can be standing in an unemployment line, waiting for $7.50 an hour job openings.
    When you aid and support criminals, you live a criminal life style yourself:

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