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    UT: Pipeline will have consequences

    Pipeline will have consequences

    I attended the Lake Powell pipeline debate at the Democrats of Southern Utah luncheon a few weeks ago. I was surprised at the magnitude and differences in the cost estimates from the Washington County Water Conservancy District, developer Brooks Pace of Dammeron Corporation and Citizens for Dixie's Future organization. The cost of capital investment, debt servicing and running costs ranged from $1.77 to well over $2 billion.

    I was horrified at the prediction that Washington County could grow, within the next 30 to 45 years, to 648,000 inhabitants and we must provide water for it. This growth projection would be an increase of almost 450 percent compared with our present population of 145,000.

    I was disillusioned at the naïve rational that the costs involved would be recouped through impact fees. The present fee is $4,554 and will increase by five percent per year to $20,665 in 2038. If the pipeline is built, we must increase our population to more than 600,000 just to pay for it. If the population growth does not evolve as expected, then another tax source would have to be developed. This is the dubious rationale of, "Build it and they will come."

    The major reason given for the project has been we must provide jobs for our children. What type of employment could they find? Probably jobs in construction, law enforcement and the service sectors. The service sector, other than in restaurants and shops, could provide some professional occupations. In particular, architecture, interior decorating, medical services for respiratory diseases and legal council for traffic accidents and house construction quality disputes would be needed.

    Nationally syndicated columnist George F. Will said on illegal immigration in Newsweek,

    June 4, " ... Utah's Sen. Robert Bennett has been told by representatives of the county's construction industry that if the flow of illegal immigrants comes to an abrupt halt, so will the county's growth." The implications are that there is a continuous "flow" of "illegal" immigrants and that the housing industry is well aware of this and do not want it stopped.

    If the housing industry knows of this illegal activity, it is probable that also the Washington County Commission and its law enforcement know it. I think we can assume that there is a connection with the housing industry's desires of rampant growth and the pipeline project. This group apparently is willing to accept a 450 percent increase in illegal residents.

    The residents of our county should seriously consider the consequences of a decision to go through with this project. At that projected level of population, we would have all the negative effects now found in Las Vegas. If the pipeline plan is approved, we are committed to this huge population increase to fund it! We would be locked into becoming the "Las Vegas" of Utah. Will Washington County, as the building progresses, still be attractive to new, impact fee paying residents needed to finance the project as taxes, impact fees, traffic, pollution, population density, illegal immigrants and sprawl escalates?

    Therefore, the pipeline project not only has problems with its uncertain water source but also foreseeable funding deficits.

    We need a referendum on the Lake Powell pipeline project. Otherwise, the entire valley from SunRiver to Anderson Junction, and Winchester Hills to Toquerville, will become one huge urban sprawl. Imagine the temperature increase when this area is covered with asphalt, concrete and roofing tiles as well as the pollution from 450 percent increase in motor vehicle emissions.

    Call your state and county representatives. Demand we have a voice in this momentous decision.

    Hubert Pauls resides in Dammeron Valley. He graduated in 1958 from MIT with a bachelor's degree in business and engineering administration. ... /707250320

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    Another example of selling out our country for increased profits. They do not care what happens to the average American that has to deal with the ramifications of an influx of illegal migrants that have no interest in assimilation.

    Shame on these people.
    "If you always do what You've always done, You'll always get what you always got!"

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