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    UT: Yet Another Moronic Bill

    Bill would allow Utahns to sponsor immigrants
    February 17th, 2011 @ 7:22am
    By Associated Press
    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- A Utah legislative proposal would allow legal residents to sponsor an immigrant who wants to work or study in the state.

    The Daily Herald of Provo says the bill would allow an unlimited number of sponsored immigrants as long as the sponsor accepted financial responsibility for the immigrants.

    Republican Rep. John Dougall of Highland says he plans to introduce a bill during the current legislative session, but it is still being drafted.

    Dougall says there would be an application fee to cover the costs for administering the program.

    Dougall says it would provide a way for family members of legal immigrants to come to the state. It could also be used by an employer to hire workers if the employer covered all costs associated with the workers.


    What this bill would do is allow grown up anchor children with jobs to sponsor their illegal relatives, only now they would be able to be legal in a funny sort of way. More pandering to illegals disguised as solutions.

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    And what happens when the "sponsor" doesn't have any money to cover the costs of the person they sponsored? Are they going to provide housing, food, medical care, transportation, liability insurance? If the person commits a crime, are they going to pay for the costs of incarceration? If the person hurts, damages or kills someone, are they going to be held liable for the financial cost of the harm, damage or wrongful death they caused to others? What about the worker and his family that this worker displaced? Is the sponsor going to co-sponsor the family that now is without a livelihood because of the illegal alien they sponsored took their job?

    Wake Up Morons in Utah Legislature. There is no legal resident that could or would take on the full financial responsibility for the cost or risk of illegal aliens remaining in the United States. Now give up all this nonsense and devote your time and attention to getting them out of here, not devising stupid schemes to keep them here.
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    No worries, this bill has NO chance of passing and being upheld imo. A state cannot grant legal status to foreigners to be within the US and cannot have its seperate immigration way. It would be complete lunacy and even if the dem liberals know they couldn't afford to support it in mass. If they grant a state the ability to bring in immigration on their whim they allow every other state to shut down immigration on their whim. This could even lead to those Utah lets in legally take one step into a state next door, arrested and deported. It would also basically through down the Justice departments and Obama's suit on Arizona if they didn't put forth a suit against Utah immediately.

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