Mark Petrie: "I just wanted to say that I completely disagree with the study about whether or not illegals commit more crime than the normal population. They may not commit more violent crime that sends them to prison for a time, but I am 100 percent certain that they commit more fraud than citizens or legal immigrants. I work for DWS and I see every day false and/or stolen Social Security numbers, fake Social Security cards, fake passports, etc. This is not considered violent crime but it is blatant fraud. One of my customers uses a Social Security number that's also being used by eight other people. I've seen 2-year-old citizen children having wages reported on their Social Security number. I see illegals working high-paying construction jobs but they don't get check stubs from their employer because they are paid in cash under the table. Some of these people make more than I do and don't pay a lick in taxes. Employers are frequently unwilling to talk with DWS because they don't want anyone knowing that an illegal immigrant is working for them. So, saying that they don't commit more crime than the rest of society is misleading. Ninety-five percent of my cases have an illegal immigrant on them and I would confidently say that the vast majority are committing crimes in one way or another... be it tax evasion, false ID, etc."