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    30,626 VIDEO SUPERCUT: Immigration At THIRD GOP Debate—”What We Need To Do Is Stop VIDEO SUPERCUT: Immigration At THIRD GOP Debate—”What We Need To Do Is Stop Using Our Military To Protect Somebody Else's Border...”

    Earlier: VIDEO SUPERCUT: Immigration At Second GOP Debate—No Mention Of Moratorium, But Border, Birthright Citizenship Abolition, Lethal Force

    Video of everything said on the subject of immigration at the Third GOP Debate. As Editor Peter Brimelow pointed out (above) during the last debate, we’ve come a long way since 2016.

    Transcript below:

    Ron DeSantis: They don’t care that your family is less secure, because of the open border that’s allowed drugs and even terrorists to come into this country. Well, I care, I am not going to sit idly by and let this country continue its downward spiral. Now if you look where we are now, it’s a lot different than where we were in 2016. And Donald Trump’s a lot different guy than he was in 2016. He owes it to you to be on this stage and explain why he should get another chance, he should explain why he didn’t have Mexico pay for the border wall.

    Nikki Haley: you’ve got an open border where terrorists can come through, and we’ve got wars happening all over us. Let’s make sure we secure our borders so that our families are safe, let’s get crime down. Because our families want to know that they can be safe no matter where they go.

    Vivek Ramaswamy: Israel has the right and the responsibility to defend itself. I would tell him to smoke those terrorists on his southern border. And then I’ll tell them as president united states, I’ll be smoking the terrorists on our southern border. That’s his responsibility. This is our responsibility. That’s how we move forward.

    Tim Scott: To every student who have come to our country on a visa to a college campus. Your visa is a privilege, not a right.

    Ron DeSantis: We are not going to send your sons and daughters to Ukraine. I am going to send troops to our southern border. If you look at the threats that we face. Terrorists have come in through our southern border, I’m going to shut it down. I’m going to have the military and I’m going to deport the people who’ve come particularly under Biden who’ve come from the Middle East come from all these places. Now Biden wants $105,000,000,000.60…most of that is Ukraine, including some of it going to pay pensions for bureaucrats and salaries. That is a totally ridiculous use of American tax dollars. He says he has money for border to try to do and the media repeat that. When you look at it what most of the money is, is money to process more illegal aliens into this country. How is that solving the problem? That’s making the problem worse,

    Tim Scott: The long term threat? The long term threat is China. immediate threat is our southern border.

    Nikki Haley: You know, I stood on the Simon Bolivar Bridge and watch thousands of Venezuelans cross in for hours in the hot sun holding their babies to get the one meal they might get that day going from Venezuela to Colombia. They were fleeing socialism and begging for freedom. We need to make sure that we do everything we can to sanction Maduro, we shouldn’t be getting dirty oil and Biden just gave 500,000 Venezuelans temporary priority status, which is just going to have more of them come

    Moderator Hugh Hewitt: What can you do as commander in chief on the first day to stop fentanyl and the waterfall of it into this country?

    Tim Scott: Well, number one way in which we should close our southern border for $10 billion, we can close our southern border for an additional $5 billion, we could use the currently available military technology to surveil our southern border to stop fentanyl from crossing our border. I’ve already led on legislation that is sanctioned with sanction the Mexican cartels. If you remember the path, the precursors come from China, then they are manufactured in Mexican labs, and then the Mexican cartels bring them across our border. By sanctioning their accounts and eliminating their cash, we starve them of what they need. Number one, closing our southern border makes it nearly impossible to get in. The military grade technology as a backup making sure that we not only stop 70,000 deaths in the last 12 months because of fentanyl. It also allows us to deal with the human trafficking travesty that is entering in our country in the same path. If we are going to deal effectively with 100,000 overdose deaths in our country and the 70,000 that is directly linked to fit now we have to deal with our ports of entry and deal with our southern border. If we do that effectively. We have started reducing the challenge from the outside. And then we have to deal with the challenge on the inside, which seems to be connected to a mental health crisis that is spreading throughout our nation.

    Moderator Hugh Hewitt: Governor Christie. Senator Scott just mentioned ports of entry. 90% of the fentanyl that is seized in the United States is seized at ports of entry. We don’t know what’s coming in across the open southern border. You’ve been a United States Attorney you’ve taken on cartels, can it really be done quickly? What would you do as president?

    Chris Christie: It can be done quickly in in two ways you on fentanyl? The first way is exactly as you suggest that ports of entry. We have to beef up what our law enforcement has in terms of technology. I would invest in that as President. We need to make sure that law enforcement has every tool at its disposal to do it. Secondly, on day one, I would sign an executive order that was Send the National Guard to partner with Customs and Border Patrol both at ports of entry. And at the Open Ports of our border. Customs and Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed. There’s 200,000 encounters a month, over the last 11 months, we simply do not have the man and woman power at the border to be able to deal with it. And so dealing with both law enforcement and you’re right, we have done this, we can do this. But we got to give them the tools to do it. And technology is one of the biggest tools that we don’t have enough of at the ports of entry. Now, we also need to lower demands, Hugh, in this country. And the way to lower demand is to start treating people again. You know, we started to do this before COVID. And we haven’t done enough of it. And for every family out there tonight, who has lost a loved one to fentanyl or any other type of opioid overdose. What you know is all you want is a chance for them to win their lives back. When I’m President of the United States, we’re going to call this what it is. It is a disease like heart disease, diabetes, or any other disease like cancer that can be treated should be treated. We not only have to stop supply, but we have to lower demand and save lives.

    Moderator Hugh Hewitt: Governor DeSantis. You ever talked about using United States Special Forces to attack the cartels where they manufacture the chemicals that come from China? How often? How many? What does that look like? First,

    Ron DeSantis: First, I was speaking to a dad who lost a son, fentanyl overdose. son wasn’t a drug addict. He had taken some pill that happened to be laced with fentanyl. And it was a fatal overdose. And when he told me obviously the pain of losing a child is as bad as it gets. But he said what was salt in the wounds is that these elites in DC don’t give a damn about what’s going on in this country. They don’t care that we have tens of thousands of opioid deaths that the fentanyl is pouring and they are not taking the type of action. We need to....we’re declaring it a national emergency on day one. I’m sending US military to the border, I’m going to stop the invasion cold, I am going to deport people who came illegally. And I’m even going to build the border wall and have Mexico pay for it like Donald Trump promised, how are you going to do it? Yeah, Mexico’s not going to fork over money. We’re gonna impose fees on the remittances that foreign workers send to foreign countries will raise billions of dollars. I’ll build a wall. But we are going to designate the cartels to be foreign terrorist organizations or something similar to that. And we’re going to authorize the use of deadly force. We’re going to have maritime operations to interdict precursor chemicals going into Mexico. But I’ll tell you this, if someone in the drug cartels is sneaking fentanyl across the border, when I’m President, that’s going to be the last thing they do. We’re going to shoot them stone cold dead.

    Moderator Hugh Hewitt: Ambassador Haley, if United States uses Special Forces in Mexico without prior notice to the Mexican allies to ourselves, what would your colleagues at the United Nations think about?

    Nikki Haley: I don’t care what my colleagues at the United Nations think [Applause]what I’ll tell you is, first of all, you have to go to the source. We have lost more Americans in the Vietnam, Afghan Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined. We lost 75,000 Americans last year, go to the source, it is the reason why I will continue to say we will end all normal trade relations with China until they stop murdering Americans. You watch how quick that flow stops. The second thing is we’ll send Special Operations in to take out the cartels, we need to go to where they’re distributing it where the supply centers are and take them out, we’ll put 25,000 more Border Patrol and ICE agents on the ground and let them do their job. We will defund sanctuary cities, we will go back to the Remain In Mexico policy so that everybody stays in Mexico and they never get here in the first place. And instead of catch-and-deport-will go to catch-and-release. I’m sorry, instead of catch-and-release-will go to catch-and-deport. That is the way we’ll deal with the border. One thing

    Vivek Ramaswamy: I just want to say and how we’re talking about this issue is like Ron, I’ve actually met many parents across this country who have lost their kids to laced pharmaceuticals that have fentanyl in them. The only thing I would ask Ron, I think you’d be on the same page with me on this. Let’s not even call that an overdose, right? That is not an overdose. That is poisoning. If you put that fentanyl in a Big Mac, we would not call that an overdose. You’d call it what it is. It’s closer to bioterrorism. And I say that because as it uniquely relates to this crisis that does warrant more aggressive means to deal with it. So there’s a new presidential election in Mexico and 2024 people may not be aware of that. It’s gonna be someone other than Obrador, who has been a disaster in Mexico. I think he’s even mentioned me obliquely in speeches to say that somebody who would do this shouldn’t get anywhere near the White House. Well, AMLO get out of the way, there’s going to be someone else in charge. I hope that built a good relationship with that next president of Mexico, we’ll use our own military to seal our own southern border.
    What we need to do is stop using our military to protect somebody else’s border halfway around the world, when we’re short right here at home. Get serious about protecting this border and then The other thing that hasn’t been discussed is the northern border. I’m the only candidate on this stage as far as I’m aware, who has actually visited the northern border. There was enough fentanyl that was captured just on the northern border last year to kill 3 million Americans. So we got to just skate to where the puck is going, not just where the puck is. Don’t just build the wall build both walls, can’t just complete the wall, use the military to seal the Swiss cheese for the tunnels that they’re actually building underneath that wall around this product to go and actually get this job done. Thank you
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