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Thread: Venezuela sues neighbors for ... not treating its flood of refugees well enough

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    Venezuela sues neighbors for ... not treating its flood of refugees well enough

    Venezuela sues neighbors for ... not treating its flood of refugees well enough

    September 16, 2018

    New heights of chutzpah in the annals of socialism.

    By Monica Showalter

    After driving millions of Venezuelans out of their country through starvation, state terror, crime, corruption and lack of medical care, Venezuela is planning to sue Colombia, Peru and Ecuador for ... not treating them well enough.
    According to Jim Wyss of the Miami Herald:
    In recent days, [President Nicolas] Maduro and his cabinet have said they might sue Colombia, Ecuador and Perú for their “xenophobic” treatment of Venezuelan migrants. And on Tuesday, Maduro ordered his justice department to sue Colombia to claw back money he says his administration has spent providing social services to millions of Colombians living in Venezuela.
    It sounds like the sort of thing Mexico would do - to us, after driving out its own citizens from their fair land. And of course, it has.
    In Maduro's case, it's not a matter of keeping the elites' 'safety value' of illegal immigration open, but of actually being out of money, given that socialism is a guaranteed formula for national bankruptcy, and in Venezuela's case, it's happened. First they starved their people out - and Maduro's predecessor, Hugo Chavez, actually ordered them out, and now so many have left that the nations in the line of fire are doing all they can to keep them out. It's gotten so bad the Organization of American States is literally threatening military force against the miscreant hellhole. Now Maduro says they're not treating them well enough - as if he cared the least about such things back at home.
    Being crooks, the Maduro regime is now looking to obtain cash in a way that comes natural to them -- by shakedown. According to Wyss:
    The legal threats come as Venezuela seems increasingly desperate for cash. Once wealthy, the country is being slammed with chronic food and medicine shortages. Its foreign cash reserves are at their lowest levels since the 1980s. And oil output, the country’s lifeblood, is down to levels not seen since a 2002 oil-worker strike. In addition, U.S. sanctions have been keeping the country from finding fresh funds.
    And just as they've learned from Mexico and its illegals, it's also likely they're taking a cue from Ecuador, which tried to shake down Chevron for billions through lawsuits over its own state oil company's jungle pollution. Government by shakedown didn't exactly do them any good and the regime that did it recently got thrown out.
    There are additional layers upon layers of chutzpah throughout this, and not just in the maltreatment of refugees claim. In the second, Colombian clawback, lawsuit, which apparently they are getting ready to file soon, it's laid on thick.
    More than a million Colombian refugees, who came in during Colombia's FARC wars with communist terrorists, were actually invited in by Maduro's predecessors, including the late unlamented Hugo Chavez, according to the Wyss report, and others that came before him. They were invited, so in they came, and as Wyss notes in his report, Hugo Chavez went his predecessors one further and gave them voting rights, too, to assure his continued rule, much in the same way Democrats seek to give voting rights to illegals. It was no secret at the time that Chavez shoveled the goodies on them in order to get their votes to save himself from a 2004 recall referendum, as Wyss notes. Maduro himself has actually been accused of being one of these Colombians.
    Can Colombia be sued for shipping over Maduro?
    Now they want to shake money out of Colombia for it, despite them being the ones who not only invited the Colombians in, but who financed the terrorists who drove them out. In 2006, Colombia struck a major blow to FARC by blowing away its most odious commander, Raul Reyes, who was hiding out in Ecuador with a bunch of leftist Mexican students. When the Colombians recovered his laptop computers, they found massive evidence that Venezuela was bankrolling the FARC communist narcoterrorists to the tune of $300 million. Those were the same rebels who were driving Colombia's poor to seek refuge in Venezuela.
    Wyss, by the way, finds that there aren't many of such Colombians left, something like 174,000 as of 2017, probably a lot less now. The Colombians have likely fled Venezuela for the same reason millions of Venezuelans have fled Venezuela. Colombia, by contrast, is now caring for more than a million Venezuelan refugees fleeing socialism.
    Venezuela's the one that ought to be paying the bill for that. But we have never seen a lawsuit filed in that direction, either from us on Mexico and Central America, or Colombia on Venezuela.
    Funny how these lawsuits work with socialism. Having propagandized the public that they are all a nation of victims as part and parcel for the justification of socialism and its class warfare, they then make themselves the victims on the world stage, seeking to lawsuit their way out of their economic disasters as victims. It just goes to show why socialism is such a parasite on the global politic, making its living off the cash and labors of others when the money pot runs out.

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    LOL...load them all up on a bus and send them BACK!

    Take their oil to pay for them.

    We need to shut down ALL our borders and stop this insanity!

    Nobody owes these illegal alien overbreeding "migrants" ANYTHING!
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