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    Victor Davis Hanson: Dems Open Border Agenda Destroys Lower, Middle Classes

    Victor Davis Hanson: Dems Open Border Agenda Destroys Lower, Middle Classes

    by PAM KEY 4 Oct 2021

    Historian Victor Davis Hanson — author of the new book The Dying Citizen: How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America said on Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today” that President Joe Biden’s immigration plan would not affect upper-class elites, but it is destroying the lower-middle classes.”

    Hanson said, “It sure won’t affect the people who engineered it. They will be in the bi-coastal elite enclaves.”

    He continued, “In the long run it’s going to impact the Mexican-American lower and middle classes because when you get these people from Central America, they go in and the first thing they do in the class, they’ll say ‘you’re a gringo’, you don’t speak Spanish’ to a third-generation Mexican-American kid. Or they will have crime, or you will not have advanced placement courses because you’ll have to return to the bilingual paradigm. So the people who pay that price are these local communities in California and the American Southwest that are mostly Mexican-American.”

    He added, “They were progressing along the trajectory of Italian Americans. If I say today, Cuomo or Giuliani, you can’t tell by the Italian name what their affiliation is because they’ve assimilated. They were Catholic, Southern European. They came from Sicily in Southern Italy. It took longer. But basically, until this wave where we gave up on assimilation and controlled borders, they were starting to mimic the patterns of Italian-Americans….There is a wide-open border today.”

    Hanson concluded, “That was what was ironic about the Democratic Party. They destroyed their old union base or the lower-middle classes of all tribes and races because they bought into this open borders idea.”
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    I wonder why Breitbart didn't call up David Duke to see what he thought. Is Spencer too busy to give sound bites?

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