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    6 Nov 2015

    Luke Montgomery, formerly known as “Luke Sissyfag,” the director behind an anti-Donald Trump video featuring Latino children yelling obscenities, is defending his film and lashing out against Breitbart News.

    “We’re fighting fire with fire. It’s a legitimate position,” Montgomery, who temporarily changed his name to “Luke Sissyfag” in the 1990s, told The Wrap. “If I had a nickel for every bad comment I saw on Breitbart, I’d be a rich man. I saw everything from ‘You should be deported’ to ‘Get out of our country’ to some really vile things. These are American citizens!”

    As Breitbart News’ Lee Stranahan reported Thursday, Montgomery is a veteran of using children to swear in political videos. In addition to being the founder and treasurer of Deport Racism, the political action committee (PAC) behind the anti-Trump video, Montgomery is also the director of a pro-Hillary Clinton PAC called “Bill for First Lady 2016.”

    FEC records show that Montgomery is also the founder and treasurer of a pro-Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)16%
    PAC, “Feel the Bern.” The “Deport Racism” website links directly to “Feel the Bern” under a banner reading, “So, which 2016 candidate’s not an asshole on immigration?”. Both “Bill for First Lady 2016″ and “Feel the Bern” are officially unauthorized, which means they are independent of the main campaigns themselves.

    None of Montgomery’s PACs have filed financial documents with the FEC; Bill for First Lady 2016 was sent a warning letter on August 19.

    Montgomery is also behind an offer to pay $5,000 to anyone who disrupts Trump’s appearance this weekend on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. He told The Wrap that the children in his anti-Trump video were merely “using a bad word for a good cause,” and that their parents approved of the use of profanity.

    Asked whether he feared a backlash from conservative media, he said: “Sean Hannity is a racist idiot. Fox News stokes racists xenophobic opinions.”
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    Illegals Lobby Goes Off Deep End, Handing Out Reasons To Vote For Trump

    1/06/2015 06:35 PM ET

    Politics: If the open borders lobby had wanted to funnel support to Donald Trump, it couldn't have done better than its latest stunts: A video of raging, foul-mouthed anchor babies and an illegal-alien "bill of rights."

    In less than a week, immigration advocates have managed to decisively if inadvertently make a case against illegal immigration just by showing the public what it's all about.

    In a Youtube video calculated to offend, put on by a political action committee called, a couple of Latino nine-year old "anchor babies" made a gangsta-style rap directed against Donald Trump. The Latino Katzenjammer Kidz angrily waved middle fingers, flung f-bombs, hurled racism claims, argued that anyone who opposes lawbreaking on immigration is against the U.S. Constitution, and ordered Trump, a candidate favored by millions of Americans, to "get out of my country!"

    "If these are anchor babies, then please no more of them," reads a comment on the Fox News website.

    It certainly put paid to the open borders lobby's effort to claim that illegals are law-abiding citizens in waiting, little different from other Americans. Acting out the role of gang thugs for the cameras, they sent the exact opposite message about illegals.

    It also finished off the notion that the term "anchor baby" was offensive. The kids were obviously being used as pawns for a political end, which is the very purpose of an anchor baby.

    Trump himself called the grotesque video "terrible," while his rival Sen. Marco Rubio asked, "What kind of parent allows their children to participate in something like that?" Even Fox News lefty TV newscaster Geraldo Rivera called it "borderline child abuse."

    So much for this being a cause that will whip up support among the voters. On YouTube, the "dislikes" outnumber the "likes" eight to one.

    Meanwhile, a group of mostly left-wing lawyers called UnitedWeStay released a 10-point screed mimicking the Bill of Rights. It contained a 10-point list of grievances and demands from illegals, beginning with a "right" to "respect," along with a preferential path to citizenship ahead of legal applicants, in-state college tuition, "free" health care, a deferral of deportations, and something called "wage equality."

    "Now we have our own Bill of Rights and we want it to be the framework for every immigration decision going forward from the local to the national level," UnitedWeStay said in its press release.

    That too will backfire because many Americans know that all it will take is one left-wing judge to make this phony and undemocratically drawn up "bill of rights" the law of the land.

    The problem here in both cases is that illegal immigrants have no legal or political standing in America. They have no right to break U.S. laws, escape the consequences of breaking those laws, or issue grievance demands on the American people in a quest for "reparations."

    But that is what it has come to, with an open-borders lobby fortified by an indolent White House immigration policy and the hothouse atmosphere of elections that continually reaches for outrageous new heights of power and influence. As with terrorists, the lobby's demands will continue to grow more outrageous because it isn't interested in compromise. It sees this as combat.

    No wonder Trump himself said such stunts would only bring him new voters. Call it an unofficial campaign donation.
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    Aside from obscene language/gestures in this video, the kids are holding a paper, the Bill of Rights, and rip it in half.

    In reading the script, they are claiming that Mr Trump is trying to remove their rights as "citizens" (their interpretation of being born here even though neither parent is an American citizen) but the visuals evoke that they are destroying and negating our lawful documents. How true as our laws are not being enforced and manipulated by this administration.

    They are pushing their t-shirts for sale too as they do on the website, along with other gear.
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    The Four-Letter Words Aren’t The Worst Thing About Deport Racism’s Ad

    Posted By Scott Greer On 1:05 PM 11/07/2015 In | No Comments

    “**** you, racist ****!”

    “Wow, racist dick!”

    “Get the **** out of my country!”

    Those are just some of the wonderful things Latino kids hurl at Donald Trump in a viral ad produced by the Deport Racism PAC. The video got a lot of attention for its use of foul-mouthed kids to promote a pro-illegal immigrant message.

    It’s hardly the first time that this trick has been pulled for a left-wing cause. The Deport Racism video was eerily similar to those that have been produced by the group FCKH8. FCKH8’s trademark is employing potty-mouthed kids for the purpose of shouting progressive viewpoints.

    The group’s most popular video featured little girls — dressed as princesses — ranting about gender equality with plenty of profanity. They’ve also made kid-starring clips trashing the Confederate flag and disseminating false information about the Ferguson shooting.

    Deport Racism appears to have no direct connection with FCKH8, but it’s pretty obvious where the inspiration for their video came from.

    Obviously, Deport Racism’s ad is just another example of why kids should not be used as props in politics. None of these kids can probably grasp why anyone would have a problem with illegal immigration and can only see the issue as black and white. The good guys love people and want illegals to stay. The bad guys are evil racists.

    Many Republicans and conservatives besides Donald Trump found the ad offensive. Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz condemned the ad as vulgar and as a possible instance of child exploitation. The majority of the fuss from the Right has focused entirely on the appropriateness of telling kids to say the f-word for political gain.

    However, the message of the ad is worse than any of the words uttered by the video’s young stars.

    It’s safe to say that virtually no one would change their views of The Donald after watching the clip, so it fails at the one basic goal of political advertising.

    The maker of the ad has tried to defend his offensive clip for having a “good” message behind the bad words.

    That message is that there should be no tolerance for anyone expressing concerns over illegal immigration. Those critics deserve to be silenced by hate speech laws.

    Additionally, Trump and other Americans have no right to speak out against illegal immigration. To do so is racist. Anchor babies are more American than you are. America is a country where the most recent arrivals get to claim higher status than those whose families have been here for generations.

    The key line here is the one Hispanic kid telling Trump to “get the **** out of my country.” That statement comes after the youngsters finish explaining how the most important aspect of the Constitution is its currently interpreted ability to give citizenship to the children of illegal migrants.

    “My country” implies a lot of things. It implies that what the kids represent is the true America. They are the future, Trump’s supporters are the past. The only way the old stock can stay in the new nation is if they fully-embrace its altered identity. The very name “Deport Racism” connotes the idea that any view the Left deems bigoted should not even be allowed in the country.

    So much for free speech in their country.

    Though using swearing kids backfired for the ad makers, it is indicative of how the Left likes to handle opposing viewpoints. Just hurl insults at high volume and hope the other side capitulates.

    While liberals might’ve not liked this instance of using foul-mouthed kids to get their point across, that still doesn’t change the fact that leftists agree with its message of banning anything considered hate speech. Fifty-one percent of Democrats support the enactment of hate speech laws in America. Fifty percent of Hispanics — the demographic Deport Racism implies is forging a new America — also back the proposal.

    In the future, it’s likely that if any candidate or public figure made similar comments to Trump on the topic of illegal immigration, they could be jailed. Instead of trying to defeat political opponents through well-reasoned arguments and the ballot box, the Left will utilize state power to crush any foe they can call a “hater.”

    That’s if hate speech laws — strongly supported by liberals and recent immigrants alike — get enacted.

    That’s if America becomes their country.
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