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    Virtual Immigration March for Innovation Planned for Spring

    Virtual Immigration March for Innovation Planned for Spring

    By Sylvia Cochran

    By Sylvia Cochran | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Mon, Feb 25, 2013

    The March for Innovation, an online endeavor underwritten by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and several venture capitalists and paid for by the New American Economy Action Fund, is working to garner support for its virtual march in late spring.
    What is the goal of the group?

    March for Innovation intends to use social media to pressure Congress with respect to "innovation-focused immigration reform." The organizers urge congressional representatives to reform the United States' immigration policy with an eye on entrepreneurship and to "attract and keep the best, the brightest and the hardest-working to fuel innovation and American jobs."

    Why is this aspect of immigration reform important to America's economy?

    The Associated Press notes that Silicon Valley leaders have gone on record complaining about the difficulties associated with inviting qualified high-tech workers to leave their home countries and come to live and work in the United States. Leaders of the high-tech industry argue that today's economy calls for the employment of the world's most talented workers, which do not necessarily live in the United State. In order to stay competitive in the global market, American companies argue that immigration policies are hindering them from pursuing this talent.

    What would these types of immigration reform measures look like?

    Benefiting foreign students who graduate from American universities with degrees in mathematics, engineering, science and technology, these immigrants would receive permanent resident status. Tech industry leaders are also looking for a new visa category that benefits entrepreneurs. Companies hope to receive more visa slots to hire foreign high-tech workers.

    Who is currently trying to compete with the United States for high-tech workers?

    Renew Our Economy asserts that the UK, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand and Chile are actively competing for entrepreneurs. With a mix of low minimum investments, liberal grants, generous initial visa periods and a road to permanent residency, these countries are rewarding business success and job creation with a stay in the country. Wired explains that Canada is now trying to woo more talent by offering up a path to citizenship for entrepreneurs. The United States operates the EB-5 visa program that requires up front investments totaling $500,000 to $1 million.

    Why is this type of immigration discussion getting lost in today's contentious debate in Congress?

    Politico references a letter sent to House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, by Arizona house Republicans. These politicians are focused on security along the United States border with Mexico. Warning against a spillover of the drug cartel violence currently raging in Mexico, the Republicans want to see the nation's border secured before discussing changes to the immigration law.

    Sylvia Cochran offers an insider's perspective of the American immigration system. Having gone through the steps of becoming a citizen -- and currently living in a border state -- she brings hands-on familiarity with hot-button issues to the table.

    Virtual Immigration March for Innovation Planned for Spring - Yahoo! News

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