VP Harris: Sending Migrants To Sanctuary Cities Is Inhumane

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UPDATED 11:29 AM PT –Friday, September 23, 2022

Vice President Kamala Harris is calling on red state governors to accept the consequences of open border policies.

In a Vice interview, Harris railed against Republican governors on a number of issues. After claiming that America can’t fight for democracy without federal abortion laws, Harris redirected her ire towards the federally shared migrant burden. Specifically, the Democrat was not fond of migrants being shipped to her home, the Naval Observatory.

Unlike the rest of the country, Harris’s doors were closed to non-residents. She further lambasted governors Greg Abbott (R-Texas) and Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) for shipping illegal entrants into the country to sanctuary jurisdictions such as Chicago and Washington D.C..

Cities that once prided themselves on welcoming migrants have found it difficult to support individuals who have entered the United States with nothing. More than three quarters of the migrants shipped to New York City are living in the Big Apple’s shelter system. Illinois has deployed the National Guard while shipping migrants to hotels in the Chicago suburbs. This comes much to the chagrin of their Republican mayors.

D.C. Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser has put $10 million towards dealing with what she has declared to be a public emergency. She is expecting federal reimbursement. However, Harris has accused states such as Texas of voiding their responsibility for the crisis even though Governor Abbott is a staunch supporter of President Trump’s styled border security.

“You know, doing it for the sake of a headline, what we’re seeing with these governors is irresponsible and it’s inhumane,” Harris said. “The height of irresponsibility, much less frankly a dereliction of duty, when you are an elected leader to play those kinds of games with human lives and human beings.”

Her policies for average Americans are quite different. Harris has struggled to understand why many disapprove of the administration’s handling of the border. Although authorities are on track to make 2.3 million border crossings this year, the border czar has blamed the crisis on the Trump Administration.

“There are, there are a variety of components to this. One is the fact that under the previous administration they decimated a system that was designed to address immigration,” she said. “And so, we have been spending in the last 18 months we’ve been in office. We have been spending an incredible amount of time, work and resources to reconstruct that system.”

As migrants continue to take buses out of Texas, Harris will be flying to Austin, Texas on October 8th to bolster the Lone Star State Democrats with the Biden administration’s track record.

VP Harris: Sending migrants to sanctuary cities is inhumane – One America News Network (oann.com)