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    A 'W' visa can be your pass to the US Add to Clippings

    Notice that this story is out of India. I dont think the U.S should give out any more visas until we get our Illegal immigrant population under control. ... 180413.cms

    A 'W' visa can be your pass to the US Add to Clippings

    TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2005 12:04:16 AM]
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    MUMBAI: Raising the annual limit on the number of H-1B work visas issued by the US every year may not be the only way that more professionals can get access to the American market. A legislation introduced in the US Senate this week has suggested the establishment of a new visa category to allow foreigners to enter the US temporarily when there are no available US workers .

    The ‘Comprehensive Enforcement and Immigration Reform Act of 2005’ was introduced by senator John Cornyn, chairman of the immigration, border security and citizenship subcommittee and senator Jon Kyl. “This bill strengthens our border enforcement and comprehensively reforms our immigration system,� said Mr Cornyn. “We need stronger enforcement and reasonable reform of our immigration laws.� The bill has now been referred to the committee on the judiciary.

    An alien would be admitted under a new ‘W’ non-immigrant visa category for up to two years. On completion of this period, he would have to leave the US and remain in his home country for a continuous period of one year.

    The total period of admission for a ‘W’ non-immigrant would not exceed six years.

    To obtain authorisation to employ a ‘W’ non-immigrant, an employer would have to conduct a labour market test and attest that it could not find a qualified and willing US worker to fill a vacancy. In addition, employers would have to ensure that the foreigner is paid a minimum wage and that his employment did not affect the working conditions of other employees.

    The visa proposal is part of a comprehensive bill that aims to strengthen border security and reform America’s immigration system. Apart from the visa issue, it also includes provisions to strengthen the US-VISIT entry-exit system to identify those who enter the US illegally and those who fail to depart on expiry of their status.

    It also calls for bilateral agreements between the US and other countries, before nationals of that country are allowed to participate in the temporary worker programme. By some estimates, the US currently has about 15m illegal immigrants, of which Indians are said to form a 50,000-strong community.
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    yes but if we gave out no VISAS then we would need less State Departmeent officials in overseas embassies and think State wants that? hhehhehehehehhahhhaaa

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    An alien would be admitted under a new ‘W’ non-immigrant visa category for up to two years
    at least they got "alien" right
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