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    WA Stabbing Suspect was Deported Previously

    Charges brought in stabbing case

    Residents of the Tenwick Apartments in Aberdeen reported hearing men yelling in Spanish last Sunday.

    The men reportedly returned late from a wedding reception at about 3:45 a.m. They stomped through the halls of the apartment building on the 200 block of E Street. They slammed doors and argued.

    The racket died down, but soon a moaning filled the hallway.

    Court records stated Aberdeen police officers found a stabbing victim bleeding, barely clinging to life in the stairwell.

    “His shirt was covered in blood,

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    Two of my aunts live in Aberdeen. The eldest really did not think there was too much of a problem, I wonder how she feels now.

    Well, Washingtons lonely coastal towns had been spared up until now, Aberdeen...welcome to the ways of the third world.
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    gee deported before.

    what a surprise?!?!?!

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