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    Wasting Billions on Bail-outs; Spend More On Border Security

    RINO's Collins, Snowe, Gregg, Graham, Lugar

    Stop Wasting Billions on Bail-outs; Spend More On Border Security and Enforcement

    By Jerry McConnell
    Friday, August 6, 2010

    Well, hallelujah, after FIVE turncoat Senate Republican RINOs voted to approve the inexperienced, highly un-American ethics liberal Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, they also approved $600 million for Border Security.

    The controlling liberal Democrats, who are destined to destroy our country, hit two grand slams yesterday with the two actions cited above. Of course they couldn’t do it without some help from some very sorry species of Republicans called RINOs. (You all know that RINO means; Republican In Name Only.)

    And even before I name these traitors who will not do as their voters back home elected them to do, I would bet that most of you could name them. But seeing that there are more than five RINOs in the Senate (possibly as many as a dozen) I will give you the names of this current batch who sided with the socialist-communist liberal Democrats.

    The most consistently RINO culprits such as the pair from Maine, Collins and Snowe were of course there for the Dems as were ‘Whimsy’ Graham of SC; ‘TrickyDicky’ Lugar of IN; and ‘Judas’ Gregg of NH, the last of which is the traitor who rock-ribbed conservatives of my state of New Hampshire elected to the Senate in the long tradition of sending wise and frugal people to the upper body of Congress.

    How these RINOs can turn their backs on the people who sent them there mystifies me; it must run in the blood as it happened before when NH sent ‘Scooter’ Soutar to the Supreme Court thinking he was a conservative but who scooted over to and sidled up with the slippery liberals once he was seated.

    It is probably better that Gregg is not running for reelection as he will be saved from the embarrassment of NH rejecting him this time.

    But that was only half of the damage that the liberal Dems thrust on our once mighty nation. They pretended to be concerned about our Border Security when they approved $600 million for Border Security. I say ‘pretended to be concerned’ because if they were really concerned they would approve a much larger amount.

    It has been child’s play for the Senate and the rest of Congress to approve multi or mega BILLIONS for other so-called ‘salvation’ projects such as the automobile industry (where corrupt unions got control of most of the money); the banking industry (where corrupt bankers and their associates got control of the money); and well, you name it; you’ve seen it happen. I should also mention the mysterious billions made available for Obama’s whimsical and so far highly unsuccessful stimulus programs which have been rumored to be fattening only the liberal Democrat reelection funds and corrupt unions.

    Job increases have been as scarce as Obama’s stays in the White House when national emergencies have hit us like the oil spill. So why when there is a need for greater emphasis on Border Security does the Senate, under the incessant blathering of the sleazy Senator from New York, Charles Schumer, approve a pittance to what is needed?

    Shouldn’t we be talking billions, or at the very least ONE billion for Border Security? This is a very important and sensitive target that has been neglected by our federal government for the past half-dozen years. George Bush’s second term was as impotent as the current Obama term at providing adequate border security.

    When Arizona tried to defend itself with legislation in SB 1070, the Obama Attorney General jumped as if goosed and actually SUED the state for some such foolishness as interfering with the federal government’s responsibilities. How ludicrous was that? They even somehow convinced a formerly good and honest judge to again foolishly agree with most of their positions. Tsk, tsk, ???

    So anyhow, Schumer, the grand vizier sleaze, who somehow became the one to push the inadequate Border Security funds approval, now shows his transparency toward border protection as he begins to crow loudly that *“Now our attention must turn to comprehensive reform, which is the only way to fully address the problem of illegal immigration
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    [quote]The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 under President Reagan and a Democrat controlled Congress endowed amnesty on some three million illegal aliens who had been unlawfully in the United States for the previous five years. Did that Act of “comprehensive reform
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