WATCH: 42 Migrants Apprehended While Trying to Avoid Border Patrol in South Texas

by BOB PRICE 28 Apr 2021

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended a group of 42 migrants marching through a Texas ranch. The group consisted of all single adult migrants trying to avoid arrest.

McAllen Station Border Patrol agents encountered a group of 42 single adult migrants marching across a ranch. The agents arrested the migrants despite their efforts to avoid apprehension, according to Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings.

Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings

Happening now: McAllen Border Patrol agents arrest a group of 42 migrants, all composed of single adults actively attempting to evade apprehension. While our agents tend to the humanitarian aspect of the current influx, smugglers take advantage and smuggle groups like these.

1:24 PM · Apr 27, 2021

Single adult migrants frequently use dangerous methods of avoiding detection and arrest by Border Patrol. Under Title 42 Coronavirus protection protocols put in place by the Trump CDC, most single adult migrants are expelled to Mexico or their country of origin within two hours, according to information previously provided by Border Patrol officials.

The Biden Administration is continuing the Trump-era Title 42 program with some exceptions, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told reporters in a briefing this week. The policy is not being applied to unaccompanied minors and some migrant families with “tender-age” children.

In March, the Biden Administration expelled nearly 102,000 migrants under Title 42 authority,
according to a CBP report.

Laredo Sector Chief Patrol Agent Austin Skero said human smugglers cross large groups of mostly family unit migrants and unaccompanied migrants to tie up Border Patrol agents so they can move the single adults inland in other locations.

Chief Patrol Agent Austin Skero

Nearly every morning, our agents encounter a group of 100+ which keeps us out of the field and creates gaps that can be exploited by criminal organizations.

6:45 PM · Apr 27, 2021

The tactic also allows smugglers to cross drugs with a reduced chance of detection.