WATCH: Border Patrol Rescues Migrants from Rio Grande Currents near Texas

by BOB PRICE 7 Dec 2021

A Del Rio Sector Border Patrol riverine unit rescued three migrants from the swiftly moving currents of the Rio Grande in dangerous conditions.

Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Jason Owens tweeted a video showing a group of migrants desperately hanging on to the pilings of a border crossing bridge. The video shows a riverine agent carefully driving up to the pilings and the agents onboard pulling the migrants from the water.

“Fighting 25 mph winds & strong currents, agents risked their own lives to pull them to safety,” Chief Owens said in the tweeted account of the incident. “Acts like this occur every day & deserve to be front-page news!”

During Fiscal Year 2021 (which ended on September 30), Border Patrol agents rescued nearly 13,000 migrants. The record-shattering number of rescues exceeds the totals of FY20 (5,071) and FY19 (4,920) combined.

Breitbart Texas reported on Monday about the rapidly rising numbers of migrant border crossings following the Biden Administration’s reactivation of the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” program. The surge of migrants attempting to get into the U.S. before the program (canceled earlier this year by President Joe Biden) goes back into effect is clearly evident in the crossings in the Del Rio Sector.

Chief Owens tweeted photos on Monday showing the crossings of large groups including nearly 200 in one single group. The agents of the Del Rio Sector apprehended more than 3,500 over the weekend.

Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens

Over 3,500 encountered since Friday! Undocumented migrants continue to enter illegally throughout our area…and in large numbers! In one event, nearly 200 crossed together and were arrested in Eagle Pass this weekend. The numbers we have in custody continue to increase…

1:03 PM · Dec 6, 2021

On Tuesday, Owens tweeted more photos showing groups continuing to cross as overnight temperatures in the region fell into the 40’s.

Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens

Temperatures are dropping. Our numbers are not…As desert temperatures dipped into the 40’s overnight, a group of 133 crossed illegally just after midnight near Normandy, TX.Make no mistake, this is a dangerous situation for everyone involved.

11:43 AM · Dec 7, 2021

“Make no mistake,” the chief continued, “this is a dangerous situation for everyone involved.”

WATCH: Border Patrol Rescues Migrants from Rio Grande Currents near Texas (