Welcome to New Tijuana, East Lake Terrace

Fri, Jul 16, 2010
Frontera NorteSur

They call it New Tijuana. Located near Chula Vista, California, East Lake Terrace embraces Mexican immigrants who’ve fled across the border from nearby Tijuana to escape crime and violence. Surrounded by new businesses, pricey homes built by immigrant laborers and a nice park with ample sports facilities, the neighborhood is one manifestation of the border’s new, largely silent migration.

Christian Ramirez, coordinator of migration programs for the American Friends Service Committee, said the affluent immigrants differ from the working-class migrants who have established roots in Logan Barrio and other parts of San Diego County.

“You can see perfectly the confection of two different worlds in the Mexicans who escape because of the economic situation and those who come here looking to avoid a kidnapping,