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    What's Next? Baby Formula Being Used in Crystal Meth

    September 18, 2006

    NewsChannel 19's Carson Clark Reports

    At Crossroads Christian Academy in Albertville, teachers mix powered baby formula with water to feed the kids.

    They can't believe what it's being used for now.

    "It's very shocking," said Lisa Smith, when told that baby formula is being used to make crystal meth. "I mean baby formula. If they can use baby formula, there's no telling what else they could use."

    The FBI has told local police departments to be on the look out for people stealing baby formula or buying it in large amounts.

    Over the weekend, Boaz police stopped a car driven by Atansio Penalozo.

    Inside the car, they found 282 cans of baby formula.

    "He says it was donated and he was sending it back to the babies in Mexico," says Boaz Police Officer Todd Adams.

    He's not buying that story.

    Adams says it was most likely being used to make crystal meth.

    But how?

    It's added to meth to make it stretch farther. That way the meth dealer can make more money.

    "It's still going to have a kick," Adams says. "But there is more. You can sell more or make it last longer."

    Grocery stores are now on alert.

    "We monitor this aisle more than we normally do, but it's amazing what they can do with it," says Mike McNeal, manager of the Albertville Piggly Wiggly. He says stores are starting to see more baby formula fly off the shelves.

    "A lot of grocery stores are having a lot taken from them," McNeal says. "And I'm sure dollar stores [are too]. Anybody who sells baby formula, they are going to have to start watching it more, and if not move it up to the front end."

    That's exactly what happened with over-the-counter drugs like pseudoephedrine. Because people were buying it to make meth, drug stores have moved it behind the counters.

    Could baby formula be next?

    In the war on crystal meth, who knows.

    Atansio Penalozo is currently only charged with giving police a false name. He posted a 500 dollar bond and has been released from the Boaz Jail.

    when reported on tv, newscaster said this man was previously deported from our country for being here illegally. how did he get to get out on bail?
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    Why not just powdered milk? Not that I want them to use anything....just seems it would be alot cheaper. Guess they'll have people in line showing their ID's and limiting the amount of formula a mother can buy.
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    This isn't anything new. Makers of meth, etc. have been using stuff like this to do what is called "cutting" the batch.
    I have a friend on the drug task force for Provo city and he has told me some things about what these guys use to make drugs. Its amazing.

    He mentions that anything containing the drug Ephedrine is now to be locked up and the displays have to be placed behind the counters out of customer's reach.
    Baby formula here in many UT stores is now locked up. Cough syrup, etc.
    Its crazy.
    "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results is the definition of insanity. " Albert Einstein.

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    so why did this guy say he was sending it to Mexico and give a false name? hmmm
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