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White supremacy propaganda found on driveways
XAVIER ZARAGOZA/The Daily Dispatch
March 29. 2005

While Douglas residents slept, white supremacists quietly lined a Douglas street with flyers containing white power propaganda during Easter weekend.

Hundreds of single-page, anti-minority flyers stuffed in clear plastic bags and weighted down with a handful of white stones were dropped along 8th Street, covering 19 city blocks whose residents are mostly Latino.

The flyers apparently belong to the Phoenix chapter of the National Alliance, a West Virginia based organization of "Whites who aren't afraid to speak up for our race."

Phone calls and emails to the National Alliance were not returned.

On Easter morning the flyers flapped in the morning breeze, declaring "They (non-whites) come for welfare or to take our jobs. They bring crime. Let's send them home now!"

"That's not what being white is about," said Casey Nethercott, head of Arizona Guard, a Douglas-based militia. "If you're an American, then you're welcome in this country. If not, then get out."

Nethercott said white supremacists and Latin- American gangs are un-American and should be driven out of the country.

Similar flyers were distributed in Sierra Vista and Tombstone-only a week before the Minuteman Project, an anti-illegal immigration protest that will take place on the border in Cochise County.

"Unfortunately, this is the beginning of what we can expect of the kinds of people that are attracted to the Minuteman Project," said Douglas Mayor Ray Borane.

But organizers of the Minuteman Project deny any connection with white supremacists or the National Alliance, citing instead that the racist flyers were generated by local activists- including Borane-who are interested in sabotaging the Minuteman protest and rally.

"It's the open-borders groups who will do anything to smear our name and project," Chris Simcox, organizer of The Minuteman Project said.

Borane dismissed the accusation. "This exemplifies his (Simcox's) mentality that he has lost touch with reality," he said. "He's way in over his head and it shows his ridiculous desperation."

According to Simcox, 1,300 Minuteman volunteers are set to protest illegal immigration on the border April 4 and all volunteers have been screened before joining the project.

"This has nothing to do with white supremacy," Simcox said. "This has to do with the rule of law and national security and the protection of migrants so they can come into the country legally."