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    Why morale is low, lines at border so long

    This may come from an agent on our northern border but the same dept just the same.
    Why morale is low, lines at border so long
    Friday, 10 August 2007

    I am a Customs and Border Protection Officer or CBPO, as we are now known since the merger of INS and Customs into The Department of Homeland Security. Do you know that since the merger of those agencies into what is known as CBP we have consistently ranked last in an employee satisfaction survey given each year by DHS? Well, until the recent one. We placed next to last, 29 out of 30 this past year. That may sound alarming to you that the men and women who are in the position to protect our nation’s borders and its people from terrorist and terrorist weapons are at an all time low for morale. But it wouldn’t be that hard to understand if you knew of the autocratic conditions that employees are under.
    With the multitude of tasks already expected of officers at ports of entry CBP continues to add more, with stricter requirements and less training. Not to mention fewer bodies. As you may or may not have noticed your local trip to Canada has become quite a task not to mention timely endeavor. If you listen to the trash coming out of CBP spokesmen, “ports of entry are not understaffed it’s just a larger influx of Canadian travelers this year due to their strong dollar..
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    Bush is going to enforce our laws as we hounded him to do...

    No funding
    SMALL companies raided; large companies avoided
    Demoralize the border agents by any method
    Jam up the lines of legitimate visitors
    Get everyone howling about anything you can
    Main objective: egg on the face of everyone who objected to comprehensive immigration
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    Go get'em Faye

    Bush is the main reason things are this bad ... he needs to be called onto the carpet in front of Congress and grilled

    Chertoff is incompetant (AGAIN) what is in this mans job description... did he even know prior to the failure of the bill in the senate ... if so, shouldnt that be grounds for a dismissal (not protecting our borders) if he did know and King George W. told him to back off border enforcement ... that would clear Chertoff ... but would also put King George neck deep in the cow dung and should be an impeachable offense

    the chief of the Border patrol (Must go) listen to a majority of the agents and you will see a trnd

    These people act as if there are no laws on the books ... but wait (all of the sudden) there are laws on the books that they will enforce... after it all went to hell in a hand basket in the senate

    Corruption from the TOP down: after 21.5 years in the US Army if there is one thing I learned ... OK, Listen up Chertoff (Moron) .... and King George W.

    "You can deligate Authority; but you cannot deligate Responcibility"

    all of this happened on your shift... you allowed this to happen and any and all consequences fall on your shoulder

    can anyone check the secretary of Commerces purse strings ..... this man has lobbyists pandering to him way too much .... even a fool could smell kick backs around these people
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