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Thread: Why Are We Spending Millions Housing Illegal Migrants While Americans Go Homeless? |

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    Why Are We Spending Millions Housing Illegal Migrants While Americans Go Homeless? |

    Why Are We Spending Millions Housing Illegal Migrants While Americans Go Homeless? | Opinion

    Story by Pamela Denise Long • 1h ago
    December 29, 2022

    While December's winter storm saw U.S. citizens frozen to death in their cars and fallen street side in snowbanks, our migrant-obsessed legislators sent another screw you to the American people in the form of beefed-up assistance for illegal immigrants.

    Year-round, millions of Americans are homeless or one paycheck away from being on the streets.

    Forty thousand veterans are homeless across the nation, and 40 percent of our homeless population is Black.

    So there is extra treachery in passing an omnibus spending bill that includes $800 million in grants to build shelters for foreigners and illegal aliens.

    Venezuelan and Nicaraguan migrants are transferred by agents of the Border Patrol after crossing the Rio Grande river from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state, Mexico to El Paso, Texas, US to ask for political asylum on December 27, 2022. - The US government's two-year-old policy of invoking Covid-19 precautions to turn away hundreds of thousands of migrants at the Mexican border will remain in place for now, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

    The decision to uphold the controversial rule known as Title 42 stemmed off a looming political crisis for President Joe Biden, as thousands waited at the southern border in expectation the policy was about to end.© HERIKA MARTINEZ/AFP via Getty Images

    Theoretically, everyone deserves to have shelter and protection from the elements; yet it is not America's responsibility to house the world, particularly when our own homeless citizens have fought long and hard battles for access to clean and safe shelter.

    It's time to call out the policies of President Biden, complicit legislators, and executives of so called "sanctuary cities" as the anti-American betrayal that they are.

    According to economists at the University of Chicago, more than 500,000 Americans experience homelessness every day. But there are just over 300,000 beds for homeless Americans. That means just two out of three homeless people across the U.S. can find temporary housing; the remainder are literally unsheltered.

    And yet, despite this crisis, homeless Americans are being displaced to house illegal migrants.

    Tensions flared last fall in New York City when homeless Black Americans were removed from their shelter to be replaced by illegal aliens. "I have no idea why we are being displaced for them. Why we are being moved and shuffled around?" One woman asked.

    We have a housing crisis in this country, yet millions are being spent to house people who aren't American, while low income Americans go without. New York City has spent $600 million to house migrants, though its public housing residents live in squalor. "The city is going to put forth a ton of money for these people who aren't even citizens, but they forgot about the people who live in public housing right here," as one resident put it.

    It's time to call this what it is: anti-Black racism committed by Democrats who for some reason have more compassion for people from other countries than their own fellow Americans.

    The worst part about it is this crisis was totally preventable.

    The U.S. border crisis is not naturally occurring; extra demand for housing is not due to organic market forces.

    Instead, President Biden sent a signal to the world that the U.S. has no boundaries, and everybody heard it. Because of Biden, we've been forced to assume responsibility for sheltering, feeding, and monitoring millions more people.

    That was not his job. Upon taking the oath of office, the President was obliged to implement processes that secured the borders of the United States of America.

    With an estimated 2-to-5 million aliens released into the country since his inauguration, the President has failed to carry out his duties. Fault for this invasion of our nation is shared by Biden, international NGOs, money hungry domestic non-profit orgs, individual migrants, and human smugglers.

    And rather than solving the problem, the housing grants in the omnibus bill will inject capital into the growing black market of human migration and provide another stream of revenue for the immigration industrial complex. Moreover, a wide-open checkbook lets everyone know that flooding our border will be rewarded with three squares and a welcome wagon of handouts.

    In their 68-29 vote for the omnibus spending bill, our legislators have rewarded poor governance, greenlit executive anarchy at national and state levels, and funded a quasi-invasion of the United States.

    What kind of leader takes care of everyone else before tending to the needs of his own people?

    While some of the 18 Republicans who supported the omnibus bill were already voted out of office in November, clearly there is more housecleaning to do.

    The American people must become as merciless with our elected officials as they have been with us. Redistrict them. Vote them out.

    Elect leaders who will hold betrayers in contempt, censure them for selling out the American people, and expel members for compromising national security via their enablement of lax border enforcement.

    It's time to freeze out the traitors, just as they are willing to do unto us.

    Pamela Denise Long is CEO of Youthcentrix® Therapy Services, a business focused on helping organizations implement trauma-informed practices and diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism (DEIA) at the systems level. Connect with Ms. Long online at or @PDeniseLong on social media.

    The views expressed in this article are the writer's own.

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    We should not be housing any of them or their UACs.

    Kick them out of our hotels, out of our housing, out of our schools, and OUT of our healthcare system.

    Make them self deport.
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