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Thread: Will Migrant Caravan Kill Your Child — With Disease?

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    Will Migrant Caravan Kill Your Child — With Disease?

    Will Migrant Caravan Kill Your Child — With Disease?

    Unhinged Floridian Cesar Sayoc’s 13 bombs didn’t, thankfully, detonate. But there’s a larger bomb — a biological one — that soon may go off in our midst: the migrant invasion currently snaking its way toward our nation.

    So says Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, in so many words. As Breitbart relates:

    “It just makes no sense from a public health standpoint to let in a lot of people who have not been screened,” Orient told Amanda House, deputy political editor for Breitbart News and host of Breitbart News Sunday on the SiriusXM Patriot Channel.

    Orient said that unlike the days when Ellis Island was the place where migrants were tested for diseases and put in quarantine to protect against diseases in the incubation stage, in recent years people have been allowed to enter the country and settle across the country without proper screenings.

    Orient said border security is not only important for public safety but for public health.

    “I think we really need to control entrance to our county,” Orient said.

    “It just doesn’t make any sense in these days of exotic diseases [and] increasing antibiotic resistance to be allowing an invading flood of people,” Orient said.

    In reality, Orient understates the case. As many as 14,000 unknown quantities are in the invasion caravan, and it follows that a certain number will pose a threat. One aspect of this is the percentage that’s criminally inclined (it’s delusion to suppose that none of 14,000 are so). Another aspect is that a certain percentage would have to be carrying communicable diseases.

    This is a statistical certainty.

    Note that these migrants hail from poor Third World nations — mainly Honduras, but also El Salvador, Guatemala, and to a lesser degree Nicaragua — where hygiene and health standards are lacking and disease may be rampant.

    The disease factor is especially worrisome given that media propaganda has exacerbated the catch-and-release problem. Note that while typical migrants can generally be quickly deported, asylum seekers, families with kids, and unaccompanied alien children cannot be. Knowing this, migrants — abetted by leftist enablers — try to ensure they “fit” into these categories. They game the system.

    What happens next? The Office of Refugee Resettlement releases unaccompanied minors into the custody of a relative. And how well are they screened for disease, which children especially are known to carry?

    Families are also released, with an order to attend a court proceeding. Many just disappear into our country and never show up. The same can be true of asylees, who may be released if, for instance, detention space is unavailable.

    Unsurprisingly, migrant-spread disease has already been a problem. As I reported September 2014:

    News stories have appeared recently about a strange outbreak across the Midwest of Enterovirus D68 (EV-D6, which is related to the common cold but causes severe respiratory illness. The disease has sent a multitude of children to the hospital, with some requiring treatment in intensive-care units.

    And while the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is blaming the outbreak on “seasonal allergies” and the school year’s start, many critics are asking an obvious question: Is it a coincidence that this outbreak occurred right after the Obama administration allowed tens of thousands of illegal-alien minors to cross our border and then shipped them all over the United States?

    And this thesis seems ever more valid with reports that the federal government has coerced schools into accepting possibly sick illegal-alien children.

    In fact, as Dr. Marc Siegel, professor of medicine at New York University’s Langone Medical Center, warned in 2014, “As many as 50,000 children, mostly from Central American countries ... are not being detained for the purpose of identifying illness, with Immigration and Customs Enforcement relying on self-report of symptoms, and many have already been sent to other states, where disease can spread.”

    Commenting on this at the time was radio host Michael Savage, who, among his many credentials, boasts a Ph.D. in epidemiology and authorship of almost 20 books on health and nutrition. Not mincing words, Savage said, reported

    This population in America, which once enjoyed the greatest health on earth, is now being devolved into a second-world nation in terms of health because Obama is so corrupt, was so ignorant, was so evil....

    Instead of stopping disease spread, they’re [health officials and doctors] encouraging it by not speaking out against bringing in infected children and putting them in our public schools, right?... What do you expect to happen if you put a kid with a certain virus into a school where they’ve never been exposed to that virus? It’s called an epidemic breakout.

    As I also reported in Sept. 2014:

    And this is common in history. It’s well known that American Indians were ravaged by diseases such as smallpox, which were carried by European settlers and for which the Indians had no natural immunity. In earlier times, the bubonic plague came to medieval Europe from Asia, became known as the dreaded “Black Death,” and wiped out approximately one-third of the continent’s population.

    As for more recent history, Savage also said, “For 20 years, I’ve been trying to warn America about the unscreened immigrants being brought in. Now, of course, it’s coming home to roost and the American people are being lied to by the Centers for Disease Transmission. They used to be the CDC; they’re now the CDT.” Savage’s passion is understandable. Years ago he penned a book about the link between illegal aliens and disease entitled Immigrants and Epidemics, but despite his credentials could not get a publisher. The reason? Political correctness.

    And the cover-up continued. Fox News’ Todd Starnes reported in July 2014 shocking allegations that a government-contracted security force was threatening to arrest medical personnel at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, if they revealed information about the rampant disease among the facility’s illegal migrants. As Starnes put it, “‘There were several of us who wanted to talk about the camps, but the agents made it clear we would be arrested,’ a psychiatric counselor told me. ‘We were under orders not to say anything.’”

    So the leftist Obama administration certainly had a zeal to help citizens — just not American ones. Why?

    Eighty-five to 90 percent of our post-1968 immigrants have hailed from the Third World, and leftists know that 70 to 90 percent of them vote Democrat upon naturalization. So they want to increase this voting blocs’ size as quickly as possible by any means necessary. Hey, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet, you know?

    As to the breaking, the late Dr. Madeline Cosman, a medical lawyer and City College of New York professor, warned in 2005 that illegal aliens had already brought “horrendous” diseases into the US, “such as tuberculosis ... Chagas Disease, leprosy, [and] malaria.”

    Now there’s perhaps another, too. There lately has been a sudden rise in a frightening polio-like disease called acute flaccid myelitis. And remember the aforementioned EV-D68, which illegals likely brought to our shores? Many doctors say it’s the cause.

    Of course, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls the etiology unknown. Well, as more unknown quantities enter our nation, we can expect more unknown diseases.
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