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    Work Permits for Illegal Aliens - OK

    Work Permits for Illegal Aliens
    by: Burt Mummolo
    Updated: Dec 08, 2011 6:41 PM EST

    The number of vehicles outside Plaza Santa Cecelia, don't quite number what they used to.

    "Every weekend this whole parking lot would be filled up but that just doesn't happen any more," said Pedro Arroyo.

    When HB 1804 became law, the folks at Carolina's Jewelry Repair, felt the sting.

    "Ever since then it's been at least 25% less than it has been the year before," said Arroyo.

    Across the hall at La Chiquita, the damage to the bottom line was even worse.

    "It really hit us hard because I lost like 70% of my customers," said Josephine Olmos. She had to move her store to find a more affordable rent, and still...

    "There's been thoughts about closing," she said.

    But finally, a glimmer of hope with word of a new bill that would legally allow illegals to work in Oklahoma, Senate bill 995, provided they're over 18 and pay a $2,000 permit fee. Employers would have to provide basic health insurance. Workers can not have any felonies, and immediate family members are allowed to live here for a $500 per person permit fee.

    "I believe that everybody should get a chance, and if they're over here working, not doing anything bad, you know, give 'em a chance," said Olmos.

    A second chance, not only for illegals, but for local businesses as well, cause as it is now...

    "Don't want to say that it's killing our business, but it's getting really, really close," said Arroyo. ... gal-aliens
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    What the hell? Oklahoma recently enacted anti-illegal immigration laws to prevent illegal aliens from using tax payer services and taking jobs from Americans. I see massive fraud because the majority of illegal aliens use stolen and fraudulent identities with many fraudulently claiming to be immediate family members. This also will encourage even more illegal immigration across the wide open border. With tens of millions of unemployed Americans struggling to survive, how can those idiot politicians in Oklahoma even entertain the idea of taking more jobs from Americans and giving them to illegal aliens?
    What about those who respected our laws, borders and sovereignty by legally applying to come here, pay tens of thousands of dollars in fees and wait years for a visa? We no longer are a nation of laws but now are a lawless and corrupt third world nation. More treasonous politicians who care more about cheap labor and illegal alien votes.
    There is no freedom without the law. Remember our veterans whose sacrifices allow us to live in freedom.

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