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    Audio: Thousands of Central Americans Being Released without Proper Health Screening

    Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review gives disturbing news on the "Keyston Cop" style workings of DHS, CBP, ICE, USCIS and other immigration news.

    Audio at the following link.

    Description provided:

    We are being lied to. Illegal aliens are being released in droves with communicable diseases, and they are not getting screened or vaccinated. Yes, they are getting immediate medical attention to protect them, but not long-term screening to protect Americans from communicable diseases. We the people do not matter.

    It’s worse than that. I share with you a supposition I have based on conversations with border officials and examining some data that most of these illegal aliens aren’t even asserting a credible fear. Yet Border Patrol is being told to process them in anyway instead of sending them for expedited removal.

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