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    Border Rancher Warns of Cartel Border Takeover on U.S. Soil

    Border Rancher Warns of Cartel Border Takeover on U.S. Soil


    Published on Sep 2, 2014

    Texas border rancher Cuban "Rusty" Monsees describes how the Mexican drug cartels are taking over Texas border ranches and using death threats, assault, and attempted murder to drive ranchers and their families off of their land. He tells how some of his neighbors are fleeing their ranches, while others are standing firm with the help of volunteer patriot security patrols.

    He explains how the politicians and agency talking heads from Washington DC on down to corrupt locals, are all lying to the American people and not telling how ranchers are being overrun and attacked by a foreign enemy, on U.S. soil. He describes how the border is in fact wide open, with cartel drug and human traffic smugglers bringing anything they want, and anyone they want, across, including multiple incidents of illegal aliens from Muslim nations, and even known terrorists on the U.S. Terrorism Wanted list.

    He also describes attacks on Border Patrol agents, on ranchers and their employees, and abduction and attempted abduction of children who will then be sold into sex slavery. He calls on Texans to "cowboy up" and help him and his neighbors stop the cartels and gangs from taking over the Texas side of the border. He has had veterans from across the country come to his ranch to help him protect himself from the cartels, but they need Texas veterans to step up and put boots on the ground to keep the cartels from murdering these brave ranchers and their families.

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