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    Dr. Michio Kaku says three raging meltdowns under way

    Dr. Michio Kaku says three raging meltdowns under way at Fukushima (6299 views)
    Uploaded 3/31/2011 12:39:33 AM by HealthRanger (120 videos)

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    Fukushima update: Three raging meltdowns are underway. Direct quote from Dr. Kaku:

    "If it goes to a full-scale evacuation of all personnel, it means that firefighters are no longer putting water onto the cores. That's the only thing preventing a full-scale meltdown at three reactor sites. Once they evacuate, then we past the point of no return. Meltdowns are inevitable at three reactor sites, leading to a tragedy far beyond that of Chernobyl, creating permanent dead zones in Japan." ... 4EC5E8C8A0


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    This is such a horrible situation happening there

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