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Thread: Goodbye Swede

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    Pat Condell tells it as it is...Sweden's gov't changed the constitution w/o consulting the people and you don't have to be a Swedish citizen to hold high office - ALL SOUNDS FAMILIAR.

    He didn't mention that Ikea in Sweden no longer has KNIVES on display since a muslim BEHEADED a matronly female shopper because he was upset that day.

    Shame on the Netherlands

    There is no reasonable explanation other than the Saudis have bought EU. Jews be damned too! Netanyahu after the Copenhagen attack, urged Jews to move to Israel - ‘Once again Jews are murdered on the soil of Europe just for being Jews’. Christians also, the below link has 2 video clips; one is of an Austrian politician understandably upset after a monk was found beheaded in Austria and a Swiss member of Parliament going ballistic.

    Britain did not elect Nigel Farge, he openly spoke out against Merkel and the refugee intake and France did not elect Marine Le Pen. It is either the naivety of their people or everything is fixed to allow this muslim takeover to Eurabia.
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