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    "Immigration & Civil Unrest"

    I tried to check to see if this one had been posted but didn't see a correlating topic:

    Civil unrest in the United States will result if we ignore the developing underclass of children born to illegal immigrants, according to Sociology Professor Ruben Rumbaut. In this video news blog experts and elected officials explore the shocking statistics that raise the possibility that massive illegal immigration to the United Sates could lead to the same type of violence that occurred in France and England. It was noted that the violence in Europe was caused by children of immigrants from Pakistan and other Muslim countries. ... re=related
    From the Border Movie:

    I will not sell my country out ~ I WILL NOT!
    I'd like to see that pride back in AMERICA!!!

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    Guess that Sociology Professor Ruben Rumbaut better get two jobs to support those social programs for the developing underclass.

    This is well known by most, it is called the youth bulge. Youths tend to contribute to civil unrest more so if you have an underclass of youths you tend to have civil unrest. Its actually based on the age range and the percent of population as much as anything, the 'underclass' adds to the issue. Unclass youths in general tend to commit more crimes too.

    The question is since they knew of the youth bulge long ago, why did they allow so many illegal aliens in since they contribute to that 'underclass' youth problem.

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