Lou Dobbs: “Appalling, Disgusting, Gut-Wrenching” to See Pelosi, Schumer, Radical Democrats and RINOs Side with Drug Cartels

June 7, 2019
Jim Hoft

Lou Dobbs went off on the open border Democrats and leader Nancy Pelosi on Friday night.

Democrats have done everything they can to ensure America has an open southern border.

On Friday Lou Dobbs went off on the dangerous and deranged Democrats and their counterparts in the RINO establishment.

Lou Dobbs: To see the radical Dems, the Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell of RINOs and radical Dems aligning with the drug cartels that are exporting deadly drugs, illegal immigrants across that border, sex trafficking. It’s an appalling, disgusting, gut-wrenching moment in our history.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight: