August 21, 2015


ALIPAC's President William Gheen appeared on the Daily Ledger Show yesterday to discuss the resurgence of the issue of illegal immigration in the 2016 Presidential campaigns. Several key points were made that can influence the national debate.

Topics discussed include Donald Trump's immigration plan, the implosion of Jeb Bush's campaign, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Joe Arpaio, self deportation, illegal alien voter fraud, and the border wall.

"Donald Trump talking about deporting illegals... there will be an exodus on their own especially if he starts talking about seizing their assets or bank accounts or taxes to compensate the taxpayers. Another great idea we've circulated in our Top Ten Ways to Make Mexico pay for the Wall: If an illegal immigrant is convicted of a crime in the United States or entering the United States again after one deportation, let Sheriff Joe Arpaio set up tent work camps along the wall structure and let's put those illegal immigrants busting rocks in the hot sun to build that wall and they won't come here!" -- William Gheen on The Daily Ledger Show August 2015.

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