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    Maybe They Are Cowards

    AuntB Aug. 20, 2005

    The citizens of this country are fed up with the so called
    "leadership" rationed out to us in combating illegal immigration. We
    scratch our wooden heads and hope they are merely incompetent rather
    than corrupt and compromised.

    To be sure there are those who fit into both categories. But I've
    decided mostly they are cowards. Smart cowards, by the way.
    Political correctness is the sheep's clothing this coward wolf wears

    Why not? Who in their right mind would want to take the trashing
    that the Minutemen, Tom Tancredo, Michelle Malkin, Lou Dobbs and
    millions of other respected voices have had at the hands of the 5%
    minority open border lobby.

    An elderly lady attends a peaceful rally and gets sent to the hospital
    after a violent pro open border protester assaulted her.

    The minutemen went to Campo, California and were physically stopped by
    aggressive Latino activists from gathering at a public place where
    they had been invited. The "law" did nothing.

    Where was the outrage?

    Governor Arnold proclaims "close the border" and then back tracks when
    a few militant hispanic (tax supported) "non profits" whine and cry.

    A town is plagued with "day laborers" crowded on street corners, but
    instead of enforcing the law, they use taxpayer dollars to build a
    shelter. No one's going to call those folks "racist".

    George Bush isn't so dumb that he doesn't realize he would be as big a
    target as Jim Gilchrist if he stood up for what is right for this
    country. Unlike Jim Gilchrist, and the others who will admit this
    problem, President Bush is not willing to face the wrath of those who
    mock our laws.

    It's much safer calling good American citizens "vigilantes". It's
    more than frightening to think the only people who are given voice by
    most of our lawmakers are the ones they know to be lawbreakers,
    violent and dangerous or biased groups with an arsenal of lawyers
    behind them.

    "Citizen-of-the-world types are resistant to the idea of tightening
    our borders, and especially resistant to the idea of making a
    distinction between people from different countries. But the real
    problem is not their self-righteous fetishes but the fact that they
    have intimidated so many other people into silence."~ Thomas Sowell

    "If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude
    greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in
    peace. We seek not your council, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the
    hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our country men."
    - Samuel Adams
    Want to make people angry? Lie to them.
    Want to make them absolutely livid? Tell 'em the truth."

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    I can deal with a thief. I can deal with liar. I can even deal with an atheist. However, I cannot stand a COWARD, which explains my disdain for politicians.

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    Your right Aunt B., President Bush isn't dumb and he sees what is going on, yet he let's even his fellow Texan Ranchers get trampled and lived off of. As he sits in his Crawford Ranch.

    Our President Bush simply has to bear much of the tone of disgust by Americans as well as the negligence of the Border/mexican illegal immigration problem. (Having Condoleeza Rice and Alberto Gonzales go down to Mexico and promise open Borders, funding for only 200 Border Patrol Agents, telling the Border Patrol to stand down, calling the American Citizen Minutmen, 'Vigilantes', allowing U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow to decree that U.S. Banks are allowed to accept the Mexican ID Card, doing absolutely nothing about the Mexican Consulates issuing mexican ID cards, guatamalean ID Cards, Colombian ID Cards,... saying that 'mexicans are needed to do jobs Americans won't do while feeding the hands of Corporate cheap labor.)

    The thing is that President Bush knows he is leaving and can't be re-elected and he could do a "Middle East/Iraq Job" on the Mexican Border and should (i.e. - standup as a true President and 'I'll do what is necessary, regardless.) Yet, he chooses to go the other way (opposite).

    He could say,'I'm going to buck all political correctness, enforce the laws steeply, step up Border Patrol with National Guard, etc. until Mexico gets the message to stand down and 'knock it off'. He could do what he wants - whynot. He might give the White House to the Democrats in '08 but the principle and precedent will be laid down firmly - 'Illegal entry of the U.S. will NOT be tolerated'. President Bush's plan is that we can have wide open Borders and any criminal activity can be dealt with AFTER THE FACT of illegal entry. Well, then the gamble is on that a U.S. City will go up in a nuclear cloud. Bush is letting Americans 'Take the Hit'. All that matters is money, Right?? (Not that silly oath of office stuff)

    Sadly, he is the U.S. President that allows his U.S. Country to be invaded (not immigrated). President Bush watchs his superpower U.S. get abused and trampled by its neighbor and even helps it along. As 4,000 illegal Aliens just keep pouring in every week, filling every nook and cranny until we hit critical mass seems to be chancing a civil war on the President's watch. Such a robust gleaming Bush economy report was just paraded out - -- let's see, that 200,000 jobs created, 150,000 illegal Aliens poured in, 50,000 jobs outsourced/lost (GM) ---that equals zero.
    The Highway Bill - Bush says, "this bill will create jobs for Americans" as Dennis Hastert looks on (from the illegal Alien crushed State of Illinois). Hello, that's the construction industry, that is overrun by illegal Aliens. No, Mr. President let's be clear, the Mexican economy is doing well, NOT the American economy.

    Let's remember, not only is it the Corporate money interest, but Bush's nephew is a mexican. President Bush can no longer be supported, there will be no support for any of his foreign policy by Americans (Iraq included) because of his harmful domestic policy.

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