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    New Lego series: "World City" featuring "Surv
    When the 10-wheeler Surveillance Truck is on the scene, you know the police are on the job! Includes two police agent mini-figures.
    Here is an interesting read.

    I wonder if GWB has this set. Can't you picture him in that great office playing on the desk and making siren noises.

    This is almost as good as the other company who did the airport screener toys.
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    That's one heck of a mobile response command center.

    Bush can't follow the instructions of the American people. Therefore, if he were able to get the Legos out of the box, he probably couldn't put it together. Also, the little men would be missing by the time he did.

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    That is about all the law enforcement we are getting in this country today, "the fake effect"
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