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    Pictures from Campo 7/22/05

    Minutemen and Women:

    Border Fence:


    If you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land, those you allow to remain will give you trouble in the land where you will live.'

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    who is the idiot want-a-be commie in the Non (Vietnamese conical peasant hat) and Ho Chi Minh jump boots (sandals) Would be interesting to bump into it in a dark ally.
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    An illegal or a legal supporting illegals. The illegals and legals supporting illegals are all communists, Charles, and they are from all over the world including the United States. The ACLU was founded decades ago to protect Communists and Nazis....not Jews as many might think or American Citizens as most of the world believes. Henry Ford resigned in disgust from the board of his own Ford Foundation when it became a socialist/communist anti-American/anti-Capitlist organization which by the laws of 501 C 3's gave him no more authority over his and Edsal's Foundation funded by their fortune than the other socialist/commie jerks that found their way to the Board of Directors. The Ford Foundation is one of the primary advocates of open borders and has been using the Ford money all these years, tax free and tax exempt, to bring an end to the United States.

    All of Viet Nam is communist now so all their illegals that sneak in would be of the totally communist variety.

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