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    Report: The Ecuador Power Grid Failure & China-Mexico-Ecuador Drug Cartels by MrCati

    An In-Depth Report from MrCati on June 21, 2024
    The Ecuador Power Grid Failure and the China, Mexico, Ecuador Drug Cartels

    This report discusses the recent power grid failure in Ecuador on June 19, 2024 and how recent historical Ecuador political events could have been factors that had far-reaching influence on groups that sought to use the power grid failure to communicate a message.

    The power grid failure could have been retaliation from numerous drug cartels involved with Nation States seeking to protect their interests.

    Highlights and Timeline:

    • 2/7/23 Ecuador Nat'l Assembly ratifies Free Trade Agreement with China
    • 5/10/23 China's President Xi Jinping and Ecuador President Guillermo Lasso sign historic Free Trade Agreement
      • Ecuador receives $1.4 Billion debt relief as a part of the Agreement

    • 11/23/23 Ecuador elected Daniel Noboa as President
    • 12/2023 Ecuador x-Vice President Jorge Glas seeks asylum in Mexico's Embassy in Quito, Ecuador to avoid corruption charges and arrest
    • 1/8/24 President Noboa declares Nat'l Emergency related to Cartels
    • 4/5/24 Mexico Embassy raided and Jorge Glas arrested
    • 4/7/24 Noboa ends most provisions of Nat'l Emergency
    • 4/11/24 Mexico files complaint with ICJ (Int'l Criminal Court of Justice)
    • 5/22/24 Noboa extends Nat'l Emergency related to Cartels
    • 6/18/24 Ecuador ends Visa-free entry for Chinese
      • Will this stop the Chinese surge at the US southern border?
      • Ecuador to Mexico entry route affected

    • 6/19/24 Nat'l Power Grid Failure citing poor infrastructure with 17-18 million affected with NO POWER and NO WATER

    • Follow the $$$$: China Cartel = Snakeheads, Mexico Cartel = Coyotes

    Who is MrCati?
    MrCati is a retired high-level strategic military analyst who delves into the concepts of numbers as well as other aspects of reality. He has been heavily shadow-banned and attacked. He lives in Arkansas, likes to smoke cigars, and has lots of cats

    For MrCati's bio, see 30:10 minutes here:

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