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    Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting 1/6/08

    Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting 1/6/08

    Congressman Ron Paul held a town hall meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire this evening. Fox News did not invite Dr. Paul to participate in its presidential candidates forum tonight.

    Ron Paul Town Hall, pt. 1

    Ron Paul Town Hall, pt. 2
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    Well, it seems more than OBVIOUS now, that the 'Lame Stream Media' is going out of it's way to not allow Ron Paul any time what so ever to express his views to the American People. I just left a topic where CNN was going to give Ron some time to express his thoughts.

    Way to go CNN !

    If America can't see by now that the "State Sponsored Media" is only going to keep Independent, Libertarian, FREEDOM LOVING Americans from knowing the Truth, and everything BUT, the Truth, I don't know when She will see straight again.

    I can only assume, that this Nation will only keep being a Nation of 'Sheeple' with their heads stuck in the sand, or other various places, and continue to allow this perversion of Truth and Justice to be allowed. But what is left to do about this dreadful situation ?

    I just read before coming here, a message from the Ron Paul campaign headquarters, where the 'Lame Stream' Polls showed Ron only getting 10% of the Iowa Caucus votes, just behind Romney and Thompson, YET...

    INDEPENDENT VOTERS POLLED... showed Ron Paul receiving 29% of the Iowa votes ? So who do we believe ? Those who don't want America to know any Truth, except for this "Free Trade Economy Greatness," or the "New One World Order Agenda," that a majority of America endorses ?
    Or information, facts & figures from what I am sure, are Reliable, Truthful sources ?

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I would believe 'rumors' from Independent Americans, before I believed any 'Propaganda' from the Corporate Elite Sponsors, backed up w/their "facts & figures !"

    Since all Impeachment attempts and all efforts to get the skunks responsible for the attrocities pulled on this great Nation prosecuted or removed from office have failed, and only ended up w/Prince Shrub and his administration thumbing their noses at US, maybe it's time some True American Patriots stood up and produced a document called the,

    "DECLARATION OF RIDDANCE." Something somewhat similar to the Declaration of Independence, only instead of Declaring our Independence from England, we need to Declare the Riddance of those responsible for the destruction of America, FROM WITHIN !

    Just a thought...

    To A Better Day America !

    Your Loyal Son & Servant ~


    Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death

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