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    Somethings Fishy

    Fish, the healthy food. Right?


    But where does the fish you eat come from?

    Here's something to consider: There's even less regulation of the food industry than there is of Wall Street.

    When the people who inspect fish for a living don't eat it, you know something's up.

    Some reality about food and nutrition.

    Animal vs. Plant food

    The more you know about the reality
    of the food industry, the less you're
    going to like what you learn.

    On the other hand, ignorance is not

    In spite of all the fancy ads, this is
    where most seafood comes from these



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    Thank you for posting this.

    I saw a similar, but more graphic ,report a few years ago and I haven't purchased foreign seafood since.

    Some of the Southern states that produce a lot of catfish like Alabama and Mississippi have passed laws requiring restaurants that serve foreign catfish to identify it on the menu in the same font size. As far as I know it only pertains to catfish.

    I don't buy foreign produced vitamin supplements, including omega-3, either - threw them all out and started over.
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