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Thread: Trump May Shut Down Entire Mexican Border | The Still Report

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    Trump May Shut Down Entire Mexican Border | The Still Report

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    Trump May Shut Down Entire Mexican Border, 2451

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    The Still Report
    Published on Nov 23, 2018

    Synopsis: After intelligence sources inside the illegal migrant caravan reported leaders are planning to rush the border at Tijuana, Mexico along the vehicular lanes, President Trump said that he may close the border entirely from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico until Federal authorities feel that they have the situation under control again. “I mean the whole border,” said the President. “And that means that Mexico is not going to be able to sell their cars into the United States until its open.” [insert Trump] Can he do it? According to Dr. Bill Bennett, former Secretary of Education, and the first Drug Czar under President Reagan, he can antd it’s been done before: [insert Bennett]
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    Shut the whole border down now.

    Send buses to load them up and send them back!

    We do not want man, woman or child.

    They are NOT our responsibility.

    Their President's need to take care of their people!

    Send NATO troops to round up the gangs and put them in prison.

    Send UN to them and give them a "Comprehensive Plan for Reform" to build up their country.

    GO HOME!


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